Tyler Liebman

PDGA#: 24981
Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA
Started playing: 2005
Home Course: Edora
Favorite Course: Maple Hill
Greatest strength as a disc golfer:

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Top three finish at 2011 High Plains Challenge
Back to back winner of Kiss the Sky (highest tournament in the world)
2012 winner of Peak One
2011 winner of Red Feather Open.

Favorite discs

Ballista Pro

“I have both them in both Opto and Gold . The Ballista Pro is my go to distance driver. I carry 3-4, all domey ranging from prototype to brand new. It has an incredibly consistent flight given how far it goes.”

Opto-X Musket

“This is one of my all time favorite discs. It flies perfectly straight no matter how hard I throw it and has a nice consistent finish at the end. When accurate distance is needed this is the disc I am turning to.”

Opto Compass

“Much like the Musket, the compass just holds a line. I carry 1 beat, 1 new and they are point and shoot. Holds up to a lot of power.”

BT Hard Shield

“This has been my throwing and putting putter for years. I prefer them very beat for putting and keep one fresh in my bag for overstable putter shots.”