Tristan Tanners game is strong with an impressive third place at the Worlds Championships 2022.

What made your game as strong as it was during Worlds?
All season I have felt like I have been capable of having performances like this but I have had some unfortunate timing with injuries that have made it hard to play the game I know I have. I am constantly trying to improve the way I play, train and recovery but I feel like I am in a good place right now across the board.

This was your highest placement this year. What does that mean for you now and going forward?
It sounds kind of silly but I am already back into my normal practice and training routine. Sure it was a great performance but more so than anything it proved that I have found and committed to the right formula for me. This is just the starting point of where I want to go in my career, no time to let up!

What´s it really like to play at the world championships?
For me the world championships feels the same as most other tournaments besides the fact that the achievement at the end is the biggest one possible. The five rounds are exhausting and make it so whoever is at the top toward the end of the tournament really deserves to be there!

What are some discs that you relied on during the week?
I played the courses completely differently each round so my whole bag got a lot of work. My Rives were getting a ton of work at both courses and were what I threw some of my most crucial shots of the tournament with! I have three Glory’s in the bag that I am loving more and more as I get them seasoned. They were my fairway finder disc this week when I didn’t quite need as much distance but certainly wanted right in the middle. Pioneer’s took the responsibility for the majority of my sidearm shot this week, I felt like I could place them wherever I wanted. I just put the Culprit in the bag before the tournament and have really been loving it for approach shots. Last but not least, Shields, I don’t think there will ever be a new putter to come along that fits my flight better for putting. I love them!

What´s the most random thing you have in your bag?
Normally I have at least a small stash of used tape somewhere in my bag. I have to wrap one of my fingers when I play to prevent blisters and sometimes there aren’t trash cans…

You´re listening to music while playing. What are the tunes?
I don’t have more then one song from any artist on my playlist really but here are a top 5 – That’s as close to a top five as I can make, tho my playlist is 10hrs long.
Del Water Gap – Perfume
Group Project – M.C.K
Myles Parrish – Dixie Cup
Function Adams – Jungle Juice
The Astonomers – Hotel Rooms