Team talents: Drew Palmer from Colorado

Drew Palmer is one of our many talented juniors in Team Latitude 64°. Drew is from Denver, Colorado, USA, and plays a lot of regional tournaments but also bigger tournaments out of state. He has played PDGA tournaments since 2013, and the rating shows a remarkable development as a disc golfer.

Drew, what was your proudest moment in your disc golf life?
“My proudest moment was when I was playing the Next Generation Tournament and I hit an ace. I ran all the way down the fairway to grab my disc and that made me very proud”, Drew says.

It is common to face challenges in sport. Is it difficult to balance disc golf and school work?
“As soon as I get home from school I will do my homework right away so that if my dad takes me to play disc golf then I won’t have to worry about school work.”

As being a team member of Latitude 64°, how much time is spent practicing and training for disc golf?
“My dad works every day and doesn’t usually get home until it’s pretty late, so he can’t take me to play. In the summer I will always try to find rides to the courses. I feel like I get practice done, but I need to start training harder and practice everyday.”

Are your parents supportive of you and disc golf?
​”My dad is very supportive of me playing disc golf. My dad tries to push me to get better at disc golf, but sometimes my mom doesn’t want me to go play because she works a lot and she wants me to spend more time with her. I respect my mom and yes I should spend time with her but my mom loves that I have a hobby and I am happy when I play disc golf.”

Why did you join Latitude 64°?
“I joined Latitude 64° because I love the discs that they make and I love to rep the company. Latitude 64° is amazing and I want to keep telling about this amazing company.”

What is your goal as being a Latitude 64° player?
“For being a team player I want to get better and win a world championship. I want people to see that I am a good disc golfer and I want people to see that Latitude 64° is an amazing disc company and they should throw trilogy plastic.”

What words of advice or encouragement do you want to share with younger athletes?
“My advice for other young disc golfers is that staying positive will make you better. If you lose a tournament and are upset just keep your head up because most people that you play against are double your age. You still have your whole life to get better than them and have way more time to become a world champion.”

Thanks for the chat Drew. All the best and good luck in future tournaments!

(A big thanks to Conrad Meyer for the cover photo)