Team talent: Finlay Buchanan-Jacobs

Finlay Buchanan-Jacobs is one of our many young talented player in Team Latitude 64°. He resides in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States and has been playing disc golf since 2012.

Finlay, what was your proudest moment in your disc golf life?
“I would have to say that my proudest moment of my disc golf career would be my MPO win at the Groundhog open at Tyler State Park. Although the field was fairly small, all of the players were accomplished players in the open division. I was most proud of my second round in which i started four strokes back and was able to make a move early and take control of the round. At that point, it was the first time in a long while where I had total confidence in my game”, Finlay says.

It is common to face challenges in sport. Is it difficult to balance disc golf and school work?
“Balancing school work and disc golf can sometimes be quite challenging. As a Cross Country and track varsity letterman, I also have to stay after school nearly every day of the year until 5pm and devote some weekend time to these sports as well. Being diligent during the school day and taking advantage of any downtime I may have really allowed me to mitigate the work that I have to do after school and allowed me to maximize my disc golf practice time.”

As being a team member of Latitude 64°, how much time is spent practicing and training for disc golf?
“I try to practice at least an hour a day, often more on weekends, and tend to play 1-2 rounds of disc golf a week.”

What words of advice or encouragement do you want to share with younger athletes?
“I would encourage them to focus on practice, and not just general practice. I would encourage them to devote time to perfect specific skills, and concentrate on said skills, rather than practicing an array of different things over a period of practice.”

Are your parents supportive of you and disc golf?
“My parents have been very supportive of my disc golf career, whether it be driving me across the country to play some of the biggest events across the United States, stopping at courses when we travel, or helping to afford tournament entry fees. My parents have had a very positive impact on my disc golf career.”

Why did you join Latitude 64°?
“I joined Latitude 64° to help promote the best products in the market across my region, where the demand for them was, at the time, lacking. I joined to help promote my junior disc golf league at my home course. I joined to motivate myself to get better. Last but not least, I signed the team contract in order to create new relationships, enjoy the camaraderie, and interact with my teammates.”

What is your goal as being a Latitude 64° player?
“My goal is to spread the love for disc golf and Latitude 64° wherever life may take me. In addition, I wish to become the best player I can be, achieving the highest rating possible and winning as many tournaments as I can.”

Thanks for the chat Finlay. We are looking forward to see your progress in the future! 

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