Team Series Discs

The new Team Series Discs

May we present the Latitude 64° Team Series. They will be exclusive, limited and a big portion of each sale will go directly to the players to support their touring. These discs will hit the market on February 27 and can be bought via L64 Custom and Dynamic Discs.

The first discs we present here below is from our Gold Team. Later on we will present the Tour Series discs from our Pro Team players.

Ricky Wysocki – Dagger in Zero Hard Moonshine Burst

The Dagger is a deep dish beaded putter developed in co-operation with Dave Feldberg. It is also the putter of choice for 2x World Champion Ricky Wysocki on Team Latitude 64°. This Moonshine Burst version does not only look good, it glows in the dark. Ricky Wysocki: “The Dagger gives me that extra float in the air to make those long putts and effortless putts inside the circle.”
Of each sale a big portion will go directly to Ricky Wysocki as tour support.

David Feldberg – XXX in Opto-X Moonshine

XXX is our extra overstable control driver. This disc is certainly a disc for the ”big guns” and not for kids. It is a headwind driver that you will love to have in the bag when you need to bomb over obstacles. David Feldberg: “I wanted an even more overstable edition of the XXX. This first ever Opto-X XXX is just what I wanted – a true meat hook. We all need that one utility disc that you can always count on.”
Of each sale a big portion will go directly to David Feldberg as tour support.

JohnE McCray – Saint Pro in Opto-X

Saint Pro is the big brother to the Saint with added stability for the more experienced player. While more overstable, it maintains the good glide and controllable flight characteristics of the regular Saint. This Opto-X version is stiffer and more stable than the regular Opto Saint Pro. JohnE McCray: “If you want to throw a straight shot with power into a headwind the new Opto-X Saint Pro is the disc for you. A straight line with a predictable slight hyzer finish. This plastic creates the most stable Saint Pros.”
Of each sale a big portion will go directly to JohnE McCray as tour support.

Devan Owens – River in Opto-X Sparkle

River is one of our most popular discs of the past decade, probably due to it’s tremendous glide. The River is a fairway driver for those accuracy shots that demands good control. It is easy to throw and fits most player’s power and skill levels. This Opto-X version is stiffer and features a nice dome. It flies more stable than a regular Opto River. Devan Owens:Brand new it’s an excellent stable fairway driver. I’m real excited to have this in my bag. I will be using it for hyzerflips in the woods and low straight shots up to 350ft. Anyone with lower arm speed can use this disc and make it finish straight!
Of each sale a big portion will go directly to Devan Owens as tour support.

Bobby Musick – Sinus in Zero Medium Moonshine Burst

Sinus is a putter with three different textured grip areas on top. This gives players an option to find a grip they feel most comfortable with. Between the grip areas the disc has a regular surface for players who prefer a smooth grip. The flight is overstable making it useful in windy conditions. Bobby Musick: “The Sinus is a dependable, torque-resistant putter you can throw at 100%, and it will stay true to it’s line. I use the Sinus for upshots and short drives, especially in straight, narrow gaps… and like fine wine, it gets better with age!”
Of each sale a big portion will go directly to Bobby Musick as tour support.