Tattar making a splash on the US tour

Three talented Estonian disc golfers started their US tour at the Pro Worlds in August. Silver Lätt and Albert “Bazooka” Tamm has played solid golf in the Open division, but the biggest splash certainly comes from Kristin Tattar. She has played lead card in all three US events so far. We had a quick chat with her.

Hi, Kristin. Way to start the US tour; 6th place at Worlds, and two 2nd place finishes in Delaware and at Maple Hill. How has the US tour been so far for you?
– US tour has been a lot of fun so far. We’ve played on so many great courses! What’s regarding my performance so far, I feel like my putting is coming back. During worlds I was so good off the tee but missed putts. So I changed my putting style back to normal again for Delaware and MVP Open and it worked, Kristin says.

You had the hot round (1002 rated!) in the finals at Maple Hill to tie for 2nd place. How was that round for you?
–For my last round I knew couldn’t afford making mistakes if I wanted to stay on the podium. I started out great taking birdies on holes 2, 3 and 4. But then I somehow lost my focus and missed 2 putts and then missed the island hole, that I hadn’t missed before. However I stayed strong and had a good back 9 to finish T2.

What’s the biggest difference of playing tournaments in the US?
3. One of the big differences is that women play different tees. In Europe we always play the same course as the men do. Another difference in my opinion are the ratings. I feel like for the same play, I would get a lower rating in Europe or at least in Estonia. Also a big difference here is that the crowd is much more outgoing. I think in Europe people are more reserved.

Which of your discs has been crucial for you at these events? 
– I would highlight my Medium Pure. I hit some really good putts with it and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Also I was throwing my Verdicts a lot – both for backhand and forehand. I love the glide that they have and the fact that I can trust these to have a fade in the end of the flight. I would also highlight my most recent addition to my bag which is Classic Judge. I love this for driving and for upshots. For longer distance in the woods I used my favorites – Saint Pros. But for open holes I used my Biofuzion Defenders to get lots of distance.

Kristin’s MVD:s (Most Important Discs)

Zero Medium Pure
Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict
Classic Judge
Gold Saint Pro