Tanner heading to the Pro Team

Tristan Tanner started playing disc golf back in 2017, and he has been a part of Team Latitude 64° since 2019. Even though he wasn’t a high profiled player back then we noticed his dedication and professionalism. Last year he presented himself on the big stage with a 4th place finish at the Las Vegas Disc Golf Challenge. Now it’s time for Tristan to take place on the Pro level in Team Latitude 64°. We got a few words with him to hear about his plans for the 2021 season.

2020 was a weird year for everyone. How was it for you disc golf-wise?
“Although my play wasn’t where I wanted it to be in 2020 found some things that I think will make me a top player in 2021! As well as Disc Golf as a whole made huge leaps in 2020 and I think it will only keep booming from here”, Tristan says.

Like lots of people, we’ve been following your Youtube channel. What can we expect there during 2021?
“You can expect all kinds of new content coming this year. I am planning to do more videos during the season. Mic’ed up Practice rounds, Signature Hole spotlights and plenty more!”
(Link to Tristan’s Youtube Channel»)

Do you have any goals and dreams for the 2021 season?
“My biggest goal is I want to Win. I think if I continue to get better every single day mentally and physically then that will come true!”

And how are you liking the new Royal molds?
“The new Royal molds have changed my game for the better! The Rive has opened up shots in the driver category that I have never been able to throw! The Faith is my perfect putting putter, great feel and great flight, nothing much more to say about it”, Tristan says.

We’re looking forward to see what you have in store for 2021. Best of luck, and remember to have fun!
“Sure will!”