Silver Lätt continues with Latitude 64°

Silver Lätt will keep on playing with Swedish discs for three more years, just like fellow Estonians Kristin Tattar and Albert Tamm. Silver is a true professional both on and off the course and we couldn’t be happier with our continued partnership.

“I’m glad to be part of the team for upcoming 3 years. This kind of partnership has been my dream for 6 years now and I’ll give my best to make this opportunity count”, Silver says.

Silver Lätt is one of the most powerful sidearm throwers in the world. We still have his sidearm ace at Tyyni fresh in memory.

What’s the best part of playing with our discs?
“The variety of molds is huge, so it’s really simple to build your bag regardless of your skill level. I also love that every disc of the same name has the same flight path. It proves the quality in production.”

What’s the best part of being in the team?
“Best part of being in the team is that Latitude 64 creates opportunities to develop as a player, as an athlete. I’m thankful for that.”

Do you have any exciting plans to share about your next season?
“I’m looking forward to compete on the US west coast early in the season because I’ve never done it before. In Europe, there’s going to be a better, bigger Euro Tour next year so I’m really looking forward to that too. 2020 is also going to be European Championship year. It’s held after every two years. My season ends back on US soil with some sweet tournaments so long story short, there’s a lot of competitions ahead so I’m very excited”, Silver says.