First off – grow the sport

The journey started on Friday when team members Natalie Holloköi (Team Dynamic Discs Switzerland), James Proctor (Team 64° USA) and Carlos Río (Team 64° Spain), visited La Gesta II, a local school pretty involved in the sport of disc golf. The schools P.E. teachers love disc golf and their classes visit the courses in town regularly.

Around a hundred children got the chance to interact with the players, and try the custom made Daggers that CRK Disc Golf brought to the event along with a couple of portable baskets.

The event turned out to be a big success and local papers and TV witnessed team members having a blast and writing autographs to all the kids. An unforgettable experience, both for team members and school children.

The event – a success!

The tournament itself was great. Players from ten different countries competed in MPO, FPO and MA1. Blessed by nice weather and good atmosphere, the spectators present at the Purificación Tomás course on Saturday, witnessed a James Proctor in great shape dominating the Open division from the start. His first round score was 49, two shots better than the course record. He had the second best partial on the second round, and he crashed his own course record with 46 shots on the third round. With a 13 shot lead coming into the final, the nine holes in the Parque de Invierno course Sunday evening turned out to be a formality, and James took the title in the Open Division after impressive play.

In FPO the battle was between L64 team members Natalie Holloköi (Switzerland) and Sigrid Sandum (Norway). The Norwegian took the first two rounds, but Natalie came back on the third and leveled the filed before the finals. The FPO final at Parque de Invierno was the most exciting, and after nine holes the L64 teammates were still tied. The play-off took place at hole #7, were numerous spectators saw Sigrid Sandum walk away with the title after Natalie missed the island and could not recover from the drop zone.

Great success at all levels for Team Latitude 64°, involved in the organization of event the event through TD and team member Carlos Río, and with wins by Proctor in the Open division and Sandum in the Women’s division.

Results: Open de España

  • James Proctor grows the sport

    Open de España 2016 01
  • Natalie Holloköi, Carlos Rio and James Proctor visited La Gesta II, a local school that as found the joy of disc golf.

    Open de España 2016 02
  • Hanna Hugosson (3rd in FPO) and Tournament director Carlos Rio.

  • Great view!

  • The winner in Women division Sigrid Sandum, Norway.

  • Sigrid sinks a putt.

  • Carlos Fernandez Ortega from Team Latitude 64°.

  • Carlos Fernandez Ortega from Team Latitude 64° enjoyed the view during this tee off.

  • Carlos Fernandez Ortega from Team Latitude 64°.

  • The winner in Open division, James Proctor.

  • James Proctor with a jump putt from tee!

  • Yet another putt going in for James Proctor.

  • James Proctor on the podium with runner ups Markus Dvinjaninov in second place and Rauli Lehtinen in third.

  • Winner Sigrid Sandum on the podium with Natalie Holloköi in second place and Hanna Hugosson in third.

  • Team Dynamic Discs Natalite Holloköi in action.

  • Sigrid Sandum grabbed the victory in a play-off against Natalie Holloköi.

  • Again, the view!