Rebecca Cox stays on Team Latitude 64°

We are more than pleased to announce that our partnership with Rebecca Cox continues. This 2-year-deal was an important one for Team Latitude 64°. Rebecca’s professionalism and strive to always improve is something that we as a company share.

Two more years of throwing with Latitude 64°. How do you feel about that?

“I have spent the last two years as a part of the Latitude 64 team and it has been fantastic. I love the discs and the community. I’m so excited to represent Team 64 for the next two years”, Rebecca says.

How is it to be a part of Team Latitude 64°?

“As a team member, I almost feel like part of the family. I know I can rely on my teammates for support.”

You had some great events late in the season. Third places at Green Mountain, USWDGC and DGPT Championship. How was that stretch for you?

“I really enjoyed those tournaments because I felt confident and loved the courses. It was really thrilling to compete at that level consistently. Getting those podium finishes really helped prove to myself that I deserve to be there.”

Latest update gave you a 947-rating, a new personal best for you. How do you feel you have developed as a disc golfer this year?

“I feel that all aspects of my game were improving, from my physical game to my mental game. I found myself reaching more goals and then setting higher ones. I’m hoping to continue to reaching my personal best.”

Do you have any exciting plans to share about next season?

“I am actually working on getting myself a bigger van for next year! If everything goes as planned, I will have a Latitude 64 wrapped vehicle.”

What’s your goals and dreams with disc golf for the future?

“I would love to start winning some tournaments next season! Another goal of mine would be to help grow and diversify the sport.”

Any new and exciting changes in your bag? Or are you sticking with what you got now?

“Right now I am sticking to what has been working for me! My favorites are my Ballista Pro, Maverick, and Harp.”

What do you like the most about playing with Latitude 64° produced discs?

“I like the consistency and durability of the plastic. I love being able to trust my discs”, Rebecca says.