Rebecca Cox at the podium in Portland

The DGPT stopped by Oregon  for the Portland Open. We were spoiled with great disc golf and a nerve wracking finale in both divisions. From Team 64° we saw Rebecca Cox play play solid all three rounds which awarded her with a tie for 3rd place. This was her first podium finish at the big tours for 2019. We had a quick talk with Rebecca Cox about her weekend in Oregon.

How was the Portland event competitive wise for you?
“It felt pretty competitive, the scores were very close. Strokes move around a lot on that course, which keeps it interesting,” Rebecca says.

What did you think about the course? Did it favor your strengths?
“I was a fan of the course, I like a lot of trees. It had some tight lines and required some precision to score well.”

This was your first podium finish at the big 2019 tours? How important is that for you?
“It’s very important to me! I haven’t been in the top 3 for a while, and battling on lead card is always a great experience.“

What’s up next? Where can we see you play in June?
“I will be playing Beaver State Fling, The KC Wide Open, Ledgestone, and the one I’m really excited about is King of the Hill in Alaska.”

Which discs were most important for you?
“My Ballista Pro was consistent and was just what I needed to get distance. I threw my Compass as my reliable straight flying midrange. I just put a Jugde in my bag as a throwing putter and it goes dead straight.”


(T) 3rd. Rebecca Cox

43rd. Grady Shue.
(T) 63rd. Robert Lockwood.
(T) 77th. Tristan Tanner.

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