Pro Worlds: Colglazier back in business

Cameron Colglazier came from a rough start of the 2017 season. The confidence boost he was searching for came at the biggest of events. A solid 8th place (tied with Nate Doss) at the 2017 Pro Worlds was just what he was looking for. With the exception of a rough third round, Cameron played well above his current rating. We had a chat with Cam about his Pro Worlds performance.

Congrats on a solid Pro Worlds performance Cam? How are you feeling now?
“Thank You! I feel very confident about my play. Leading up to Worlds, I played a few smaller tournaments and just couldn’t get anything going and had lost a lot of confidence in my game. The competition level at Worlds pushed my game back to a high level and I’ve regained my confidence. The future looks good”, Cameron says.

For round 3 lead card you played with only Team Latitude 64° teammates (Wysocki, McCray, Owens). How was that?
“I was excited when I saw the tee times posted for the third round. The round didn’t go how I wanted but I still enjoyed every bit of it. There was lots of cheering for each other and an overall laid back, enjoyable round. It was just great to see a full card of Team 64° members on the lead card at worlds, that doesn’t happen very often!”

Also, the ace on hole 14 in the final round! What happened there?
“I had actually just thrown my Lucid Warden in the water on hole 11 behind the basket and was very upset about that because I’ve had this disc for almost 3 years. When I got to 14s tee my friend asked me what I throw here and I said the green Lucid Warden but I just lost it on hole 11. He surprised me when he pulled it out from behind his back, I dried it off, then aced the next shot. It was a crazy sequence of events.
When I first released the tee shot, I thought it was too high so I said “hit a house” but halfway down the fairway it started flipping and losing air and just smashed dead center chains. It’s a shot I’ll remember for the rest of my life”, Cameron says.

What kind of discs was most important for your game in these wooded and tight courses in Augusta?
“My Flow and Defender were huge off the tee. They’re seasoned well so I can get those discs to fly all kinds of different angles which is great in the woods. Other discs that I threw a lot of were a Longbowman, Culverin, Verdict, and a Fuse.

What does your disc golf schedule look like for the near future?
“Pretty busy actually. Ledgestone is coming up as well as the Vibram Open. Me and Matt Orum also have about 5 events we’ve scheduled to run around the southeast before the end of the year, so we’re looking forward to that!”

Thanks Cam, and good luck in the tournaments to come!

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