Phil ‘Lerch’ Denoncourt

PDGA#: 73774
Location: Lewiston, Maine, United States
Born: 1985
Started playing: First round ever 08, started competing in like 12 / 13
Home Course: Bittersweet Ridge N.Yarmouth, ME
Favorite Course: BDF
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Scramble

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  • Selling out my first event
  • Starting the ’19 season with top 5 placing in the first 4 events

Favorite discs

Zero Medium Mercy

Zero Medium Mercy

“Been putting with these since the mold was EZE line. It’s one of those things that aren’t broken so why fix it? #TeamMercy #LawdHaveMercy”

Sinus AP

“Trusty, been in my bag forever. Great approach disc for that shot I can count on every time. “

Opto Compass

Opto Compass

“My workhorse mid. I can put this thing on any line, and it will stay true. “

Gold Bolt


“An old favorite thats been my big boy driver to get max distance. I can throw it flat for a nice hyzer, or dump it like a truck ( truck ) and get a nice late hyzer flip out of it”