Mike Conlee

PDGA #: 41267
Location: Aurora, IL, 60503, Unites States of America
Division: MPO
Born: 1990
Started Playing: 2008
Home Course: The Canyons at Dellwood Park
Favorite Course: Rollin Ridge
Greatest strength as a disc golfer:
Consistency with a strong mental game

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Qualifying for and competing in the 2017 DGPT Tour Championship, my major goal for my first year on tour. My first round was filmed and I won the card! In 2015 I started my year by winning The Memorial (AM) and The Amateur Championships at Bowling Green…this gave me a lot of confidence that I would be able to keep up at the professional level.

Favorite discs

Opto Explorer

“My favorite disc since the day I picked one up. Not only a straight fairway driver, but one I can rip on for huge distance! My main backhand fairway driver for straight shots, tunnel shots, flip up shots, long straight drives, straight to fade, and long turning anhyzers.”

Opto Ballista Pro

“Big flex distance shots, slight hyzer to straight distance shots, long forced anhyzers. Grab one for big distance!”

Soft Sinus

“High angle bottom and grippy soft plastic allows the disc to stop quickly on a variety of green shapes. This disc can be thrown hard for straight shots, headwind drives, touch upshots, and forced turnovers that need to land flat.”