McCray ready for 2020 season with Latitude 64°

JohnE McCray has been in our team since 2015, and the partnership continues. The 2020 season will be his sixth year playing with Swedish plastic. We reached out to JohnE to talk about his 2019 season, what his goals for the future are and also… what is the secret to grow that amazing beard.

The partnership with Latitude 64° continues. How do you feel about that?

“I’m super excited to represent Latitude 64° for my sixth year with the company. Love this Trilogy family”, JohnE says.

What were your highlights of the 2019 season?

“I have so many but let’s narrow down just a few. First off being able to achieve a win in the Open field for the 22nd year in a row is pretty awesome. Visiting Vermont for the first time was pretty special too.”

Do you have any exciting plans to share about next season?

“I will be competing mostly in the MPO division for sure. My goal is to compete in the MPO division until I’m 50. I’m planning on attending the majority of the NT and DGPT events as well as the Major events. I can’t wait to get to play in Utah for the first time… thank you Latitude 64° for sponsoring the 2020 Worlds in Utah.”

Your beard is looking fantastic. What’s your secret? And is the plan to keep it growing?

“Thank you very much! The secret is time and I plan on keeping it for the time being until Jen says it’s time to shave it off (laughing).”

What’s your goals and dreams with disc golf for the future?

“My goal and dream for the future would certainly be to play in the MPO division until I’m 50 years old. I’m playing against kids that are younger than my kids and being able to still compete against them is a challenge but a challenge I gladly accept.”

Any new and exciting changes in your bag? Or are you sticking with what you got now? 

“Really nothing has changed in my bag. I’ve got it dialed in pretty good but I have added the Latitude 64° Ballista Pro and I have a few Westside Discs Bards I’m working with as well. My top three players are the still the Saint Pro, Opto-X Fuse and the Giant“, JohnE says.

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