Linus Carlsson Returns to Disc Golf Pro Tour

Finally! Linus Carlsson is back and ready for the Disc Golf Pro Tour! After a long wait, Carlsson has finally acquired a sports visa to the United States, allowing him to compete in the Disc Golf Pro Tour for the coming 5 years. “It was a lot of paperwork and waiting, but it was all worth it. The visa is good for 5 years, so I can’t wait to play in as many tournaments as possible”, says Carlsson.

Off-season in Sweden

The wait for the visa has been tough for Carlsson, who’s been stuck in Sweden while his competitors have been playing some of the biggest events of 2023. “Here in Sweden it has been pretty slow with all the wait but I’m staying fit and ready to play in the states. It’s spring here in Sweden so all my practice right now is out in my yard, fields and on the courses with wind, unlike all the indoor training which was all I did until March.”

OTB Open

Although Carlsson’s first tournament back on the Disc Golf Pro Tour is still up in the air, he’s raring to go. “I just picked up my passport in Stockholm, and I’ve just booked a flight to San Francisco! So I’m looking to start at OTB Open,” he said.

Despite the delay, Carlsson is thrilled to be back in action and is looking forward to competing against the best players in the world. He’s got his sights set on the World Championships and the United States Disc Golf Championship, and we can’t wait to see him play!

So, disc golf fans, get ready to cheer on Linus Carlsson as he makes his return to the Disc Golf Pro Tour. With his sports visa in hand, there’s no doubt that he’ll be making some serious waves on the course. Let’s go, Linus!