Lauri Lehtinen

Lehtinen continues with Latitude 64° – ready for US tour

Lauri Lehtinen and Latitude 64° has just signed a two-year-deal. This contract makes Lauri Lehtinen a full time professional disc golf athlete, and we are really looking forward to see him battle the best in world at some upcoming DGPT events. 

We are thrilled to have you on Team Latitude 64 for two more years. How are you feeling?
“I’m really thankful to Latitude 64 for the opportunity to be a full time professional athlete. The last two years have been awesome so I’m happy to continue throwing Swedish plastic”, Lauri says. 

You have had a great disc golf year finishing 2021 with an all-time-high rating (for you) of 1028. What part/parts of your game do you feel has improved?
“I think my mental game has evolved most. I’ve been good at throwing in the past but taking the skill to the competitions was the key to success this year.”

What are your plans and goals for 2022?
“I plan to spend almost half of the year touring in the United States this year. Of course I demand a lot from myself but as the level of competition rises I have to go with a humble mind to strive for good results.”

What’s your thoughts on the two new Royal molds Hope and Glory? Are any of them ending up in your bag?
“Glory has felt great and it will surely be a good tool when I need a little more overstability than Explorer. I have been testing the Hope as well and I’m not yet sure that am I going to use it this season or if will I continue working with Gauntlets”, Lauri says. 

Glad to have you, Lauri, and happy off-season to you! 

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