Latitude 64°’s Kristin Tattar sets history as first woman rated 1000 in Disc Golf

It might be overstepping bounds to say it was a foregone conclusion, but Latitude 64° knew there was something special about Estonia’s Kristin Tattar from the beginning.

Latitude 64° sought out Kristin Tattar in 2017 when she was just over 860 rated, and her largest event competed in was the 2016 European Disc Golf Championship (she finished 4th). 

Upon reflection and her 1,000 rating, Latitude 64° founder David Berglund commented, “The easiest decision in my life. Signing Kristin for Latitude 64° is one of the top highlights for me personally. Kristin, coming from Estonia, where disc golf was just starting to pick up momentum, and for me, being there early was an eye-opener on how the players addressed the sport.” 

Berglund continued, “The professionalism, winning instinct, and hard work she put in was unlike anything I have ever seen. Topping this off with a humble, positive, and down-to-earth personality, it was clear to me we had a queen for the disc golf community. She is truly a once-in-a-generation athlete that I am proud we are representing.”

At the end of the 2021 season, after Kristin had reached a 978 rating and finished the season with a 72% win rate (including back-to-back DGPT wins at Preserve and Great Lakes Open), it was time to elevate Kristin’s status at both Latitude 64° and in the sport as a whole.

Going into the 2022 season, Kristin Tattar and Latitude 64° inked a record-setting four-year contract of $500,000. At the time, Latitude 64° Founder and CEO David Berglund was quoted: “She is a world-class athlete, passionate, dedicated, and with a world-class personality. Kristin has been with Latitude 64° since 2017, and we are thrilled to continue the journey with her.”

Since that time, Kristin has won two World Championships and become a national celebrity in her home country of Estonia. Latitude 64° has grown in support of Kristin by restructuring her contract at the beginning of the 2023 season, and she is currently working with her on planning for the future. 

Kristin credits her success on the course to having a well-rounded game. She does not credit one specific skill but rather the ability to combine all her shots and mental game to have a comprehensive skill set. This can be noted in her most recent achievement of a 1,000 rating and her ability to win on multiple different styles of disc golf courses.

Latitude 64° has released a limited edition Kristin Tattar 1,000-rated disc to commemorate this historic occasion. In Europe, fans can celebrate the occasion with Gold or Silver Burst Graces. In the United States, fans can choose four different Grand Grace colors with the same stamp. Take advantage of this historic occasion. Grab yours from the Latitude 64° Factory Store, Dynamic Disc’s Store, or your local disc golf retailer today!