Team Latitude 64 welcomes Kevin Kiefer III

Latitude 64 brings in another talented young disc golfer to the team. This Florida young gun will be hitting the road and test his skills against the best on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Welcome to Team Latitude 64. Tell us a bit about yourself? 
“My name is Kevin Kiefer and I am 19 years old from Tampa, Florida. I grew up in a amazing Christian household with two loving parents and three siblings. I love all kinds of sports and being one of 3 siblings I come from a really competitive background. I played volleyball and football all the way until High school when I decided to fully focus on disc golf.”
What’s your background in discgolf?
“My father brought me with him to play discgolf when I was 2 years old, but I truly fell in love with the sport when I hit my first ace at age 10. Ever since then I never stopped chasing that wonderful feeling of hitting the perfect line”, Kevin says.

What are your biggest strengths in disc golf?
“Definitely my putting. The new Royal Sense Faith has given me more confidence in my ability than ever, and I can’t wait to showcase it on tour this year.”

What parts of your game are you working most on improving? 
“My sidearm and my mental game. I’ve been putting in countless hours of field work to improve my sidearm and every tournament is a learning experience.”

What are your plans and goals for the 2022 disc golf season?
“My plan is to play 15-20 tournaments on the Pro Tour this year. I would also like to get my rating up into the 1020s and place in the top 50 in every event.”

Have you found any favorites in the Latitude 64 disc line-up?
“The Pioneer is the biggest staple in my bag because of the consistency in stiffness and in overstability. I’ve also fallen in love with the Faith and all of the new Royal line discs”, Kevin says.

Glad to have you on the team, Kevin, and good luck!

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