Kristin Tattar

PDGA#: 73986
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Born: 1992
Started playing: 2014
Home Course: Jõulumäe Disc Golf Park (Estonia).
Favorite Courses: Konopiste (Czech Republic), Skellefteå (Sweden) and Sula (Norway).
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Straight long tunnel shots with Saint Pro.

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  • 1st place in USWDGC 2019
  • 1st place in Canadian Nationals 2019
  • 2x overall Eurotour winner
  • 4x Estonian Champion in FPO

Favorite discs

Zero Medium Pure

 My main putting putter. I love how it feels in my hand and the straight flight that I get from it every time.

Classic Blend Judge

Classic Blend Judge

A new addition to my bag. I use it for backhand approaches. I love that it holds the angle that I give to it.

BT Medium Harp

BT Medium Harp

“My absolute favorite for approaches. I use it with backhand and forehand. It is a very trusty disc that every disc golfer has to have in their bag.”

Lucid Moonshine Deputy

“I don’t keep in my bag all the time, but it is very useful to have in the woods. I use it for turnover shots and I love that I don’t have to use a lot of power to turn it over. That allows me to be more accurate.”

Gold Claymore

Gold Line Claymore

“Understable midrange that comes handy in tricky situations. I use it mostly in the woods to hit narrow gaps. Good disc for hyzer flips or turnover shots.”

Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict

Lucid Verdict

“My favorite midrange. It is stable and trusty disc. I use it both for backhand and forehand upshots and also some smaller flex shots. I love it!”

Lucid Justice

“My most overstable midrange. It comes handy in windy situations or skip approaches. Definitely a disc that you have to have in your bag.”

Gold Saint Pro

Gold Line Saint Pro

“My absolute favorite. It is a straight flying disc when thrown in a slight hyzer angle. It is irreplaceable when playing in the woods, needing to hit long narrow fairways.

Tournament Fortress

“Stable fairway driver that I use in windy situations or when I need more fade.”

Biofuzion Felon

“Stable fairway driver that I use for forehand upshots and drives. I love how it feels in my hand and I think it is perfect for forehand flex shots.”

Lucid Trespass by Dynamic DIscs

Lucid Trespass

“A disc that I use for turnover shots. It is a straight flying disc and when beat in, then it is perfect for long turnover drives.

Biofuzion Defender

“Main distance driver. It is an overstable driver, but when beat in, it starts to fly further. I love that even when beat in, then it is still stable and trusty.”

Lucid Defender

“My main forehand drivers. I know I can throw them in an anhyzer and trust them to flex back. I also use Lucid Defenders with backhand in very windy situation.”