Kristin Tattar is the new world champion!

We continue to be amazed by what Kristin is capable of. Going from a really strong season – to having an injured elbow – and then coming back to win the World Championship with 2 new course records included – just a couple of weeks later. We are running out of superlatives as she´s answering our questions.

What was your first thought after the last putt?
After tapping in I just thought “I did it” and I could feel my body just being filled with joy and relief that all that pressure that had been building up can now leave.

Do you have some highlights of the week?
It is hard to point out anything specific, because I feel this whole week was a huge highlight for me. But if I have to choose, the best moment of course was the tap in on hole 18 after 5 rounds of golf – no pressure, just knowing that if I tap in, I´m a World Champion. Still unbelievable!

From elbow injury to world champion in one season. How was that process?
It seemed like a really big setback at first. I have to admit it created a lot of confusion and I was very sad and frustrated to skip some of the biggest events of this season. But I did it all to be able to compete at the World Championships. So I have to say that just having “tunnel vision” and my eyes on that really helped. I found comfort in just trusting the process and accepting that I don´t know all the answers, and that is okay. I knew that if I just kept going and doing what I know the best, everything would work out at the end.

What discs helped you out?
My main “work horses” were my Royal Rives. I just tried to play very safe and not take OBs into play. So I relied on hyzer shots with both backhand and forehand. For the straight shots I chose either my Royal Grace or my new Saint Pros. Also having Fortress and Harp in my bag helped a lot and trusting my Medium Moonshine Pures for putting.

What now?
The season is not over – I still have 5 more tournaments left. So there is not a lot of celebrating or relaxing, my eyes are on the next tournament and I will probably take some time off and enjoy this accomplishment after the season has ended.

Kristin. You are a true inspiration and we are really really lucky to have you! /Everyone at Latitude 64°