Kristin Tattar is on a podium streak

Kristin Tattar is back in Estonia after her first leg of her 2022 US Tour. Five events, five podium finishes, and now she is putting her focus on the upcoming events; PDGA Champions Cup, Jonesboro and DDO!

First leg of your USA tour is over. All podium finishes! How do you feel about the five first events of 2022?
“I feel very good about how the season has started for me. Generally I have toured in the US later in the season, but this time it was much different – I got to play my very first tournemant in 2022 in the US. There was definitely some uncertainty in me, because most of the off season I had only thrown discs in snow and on shorter courses or inside into a net. It is a lot different to be outside in a warmer climate and then throw drivers and try to do it accurately. But I think it turned out quite well, but of course there is room for improvement”, Kristin says.

What’s been working the best in your game? And do you have anything you feel you need to dial in more?
“A lot of my focus went to the mental part of the game this off season and I feel like it has paid off. I feel more comfortable and happy on the course. But as I mentioned above there is still a lot of room for improvement – I guess there always is. What I learned during this trip is that I have to practise in the wind more to gain confidence in choosing discs in tough conditions.”

Your rating average for the 17 rounds played in those five events was 981. Thoughts on that?
“I think it shows that I´m moving in the right direction, since it is above my average player rating. But in general I don´t pay a lot of attention to the ratings”, Kristin says.

When are you flying over again? What events are you playing then? Any of them you are looking forward to more?
“I´m flying back on Thursday April 7th to play the first major of the year – PDGA Champions Cup. I´m super excited about that. After that I will compete in Jonesboro and to round up my second trip I will take part of DDO. I´m really looking forward to playing there and being part of all the disc golf related festivities. I´ve heard so many good stories about DDO, can´t wait to experience it myself, Kristin Tattar says.