Keiti Tätte joins Latitude 64° Pro Team

Let us introduce Keiti Tätte! So who is she? What about the reigning FPO Estonian Champion, 4th place finisher at the 2021 European Championships, and a new member of Latitude 64° Pro Team. Keiti Tätte has followed in the tracks of Estonian star Kristin Tattar, and this year Keiti has showed that she has what it takes to challenge the best players in the world. We are willing to bet that you will see a lot more of her on big events next year!

Welcome Keiti Tätte to the Latitude 64° Pro Team, how do you feel, and how will this change things for you?
“I am super happy and super excited, it is a dream come true! I love disc golf and from next season I can be a professional disc golfer, I just can’t wait to live that life”, Keiti says.

You have been competing since 2017, and have steadily improved year after year, from 844 to today’s 936 in rating. What’s your secret of becoming such a good disc golfer?
“I am addicted to disc golf. I like to train and see the improvement and results. I have always carried that soul of an athlete, so I really like to competite and push myself. Disc golf has become my lifestyle during the last few years. Each week I am eagerly waiting for Friday so we can travel to competitions with friends and have a weekend full of disc golf. ”

You won the Estonian Championships, beating Kristin Tattar(!), what did that mean for you?
“It meant a lot for me. For some reason, I have not been successful in Estonian Championships in previos years and this was my first podium finish on that competition. This year I told myself not to think about position, but just enjoy the game and play so that I can be happy after the round. And I started the competition with 1003 rated hot round, that was the highlight of the competition together with the win for me”, Keiti says.

What is your goal as disc golfer, and what’s your plan to get there?
“My goal is to always try to be better, to adapt with the new lifestyle and play my own game wherever or with whomever I am playing. I just need to remember that I do it because I want to do it, I love to do it and I have so many good people around me who believe in me and support me.”

Now that you will be able to put your full focus on disc golf, what is your plan for events next year? 
“Next year I will join with Kristin Tattar and Silver Lätt to compete and tour in the US!!! I dont know the complete schedule yet, but the first event will most probably be Las Vegas Challenge.”

Welcome to the team, Keiti!

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