Jordan Smith

PDGA#: 77952
Location: United States
Born: 2002
Started playing: 2015
Home Course: LaCote
Favorite Course: Emporia Country Club
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My putting has always been a big advantage of mine.

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  • My favorite highlight was when I made the final nine at the 2018 Junior World Championships.
  • Another Highlight was my first Intermediate win in Shreveport. I had gotten last when I played the tournament the previous year, but I came back and won by several strokes the next year.

Favorite discs

Classic Guard

“My Classic Guards are my number one disc. They have so much glide and such a straight flight. They make great putters and I have a big trust for them.”

Fuzion Defender

“I love the Fuzion Defenders because they fly super well and I can really crank on them.”

Opto Explorer

Opto Explorer

“I love throwing an Opto Explorer. This is one of the straightest disc I’ve ever thrown, and I use it constantly in the woods.”

Opto-X Compass

Opto-X Compass

“My favorite mid is an Opto-X Compass. It’s so dependable and I can throw it straight and trust that it’ll fade slightly to the left.”