Jacob Sanders

PDGA#: 78848
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Born: 1999
Started playing: 2015
Home Course: Grandview Disc Golf Course
Favorite Course: Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Controlling putters and midranges

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2018 Bowling Green Amateur Champion
2019 Boji Blowout Champion

Favorite discs

Opto Ballista Pro

Opto Ballista Pro

“This is a great distance driver, because of its stability and ability to be thrown on all angles. Longest driver I have thrown.”

Opto Pioneer

“This is a great overstable fairway driver. I use it for backhands and sidearms. It’s my go to for sidearm shots in the wind. Great for hyzer and spike hyzers.”

Gold Fuse

Gold Line Fuse

“This is my go-to midrange and woods disc. I can throw it on any angle and it will hold.”

Classic Blend Warden

“This is my go-to putter. I love its consistent feel and finish.”