David Feldberg clinics: A Game of Lines

The idea of getting to learn more about disc golf and work toward perfecting your game with the help of a legend is pretty spectacular, but for Dave Feldberg, it’s just another way he gets to give back. Running clinics across the country for the last several decades, Feldberg places this ability to teach high up on his priority list, even higher than competing during each tournament season.

If you’ve never been to one of Dave’s clinics, keep reading to learn more about what he teaches, how you can become successful running these events in your own community, and how his game has changed over the years.

Examining The Event

Matching up his clinic itinerary to his tour schedule, Dave puts on as many clinics as he can each year, sometimes spending hours in the car between events just to fit them all in. His events typically start with a 30-minute meet and greet where he gets a chance to mingle with attendees and even sign some discs.

This year, his clinics have been focusing on driving, and are lovingly named “A Game of Lines.” He reviews the concepts of accuracy off the tee, how to hit your line, and explains how disc golf is a one plane game similar to ball golf. “Developing a one plane swing will make you a more consistent player,” Dave says.

After the instructional piece, he’ll participate in a random draw doubles round with everyone there, and believe it or not, he doesn’t always win! Not only do many show up to his clinics for the expert instruction, but Feldberg makes sure to include a huge payout at the end.

Straightforward Instruction

We were curious how Dave would advise someone who wanted to start running clinics in their own town, and his answer was incredibly thought-provoking, “One thing that I’ve struggled with in the sport is that everyone is teaching opinions. That really bothered me and that’s what got me into it. You can’t beat Ken Climo with opinions.” He went on to explain in greater detail:

“If you teach people incorrectly and they develop bad habits, it takes a long time to break that habit, a lot longer than it took them to learn it. That’s a really common thread in disc golf. You don’t have to be a pro to be a good teacher – just be someone who has the knowledge. I look at other sports like baseball and when those coaches come to my clinics they say I’m teaching the same stuff they are, and that’s because it’s biomechanically correct.”

Dave’s Touring Life

While he’s placed so much of his energy on teaching clinics, Dave also pushes himself to compete with the best of the best, having played in 16 events this year to date. If he’s not out on the course practicing with the rest of the touring players, it’s for a good reason: “I already know how to play,” he said with a laugh. “The only thing that keeps me from playing well is my health, and if I’m ill or injured.”

Part of what’s contributed to his success this year are two discs that he’s really taken to. Both the Ballista Pro as well as the Gladiator have worked to greatly increase his confidence even if he’s playing a course blind. If you can make it out to one of his clinics, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot about your game and have a great time. Thank you Dave for all that you do for our sport!