He will be playing a majority of the events on Tour in hopes of qualifying for the Tour Championship

Latitude 64° has high hopes for Connor O’Reilly as he hits the Tour in 2023. When talking to Connor about his plans for 2023, he had some pretty exciting news to announce, “I’m looking forward to leading up the DGPT post-produced commentary for all of the Silver Events in 2023, and also will be pumping out content on a regular basis via YouTube and Instagram!” The addition of Connor as a regular feature on post-production commentary is a great opportunity for Connor to both promote himself as a player but also represent Latitude 64° in a positive light across multiple events.

Besides working on media, Connor also has a full Tour slate. He is planning to be at all of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Series events, Silver Events, and Majors, including events in Europe. When discussing the event he is most looking forward to attending, Connor said, “Vermont is the stop I’m most looking forward to, having the world championships once again at a facility boasting two incredible courses and some of the most fun off the course all year, it never disappoints!”

To help support Connor on Tour in 2023 he will have a Tour Series disc. Connor’s Tour Series disc for 2023 is going to be the River. Connor had quite a few reasons as to why he chose the River, “The River is one of the most versatile discs in the Latitude lineup. It is simultaneously a beginning players dream, and a tool that a seasoned professional can carve the fairways with. It’s straight flight and controllable speed make it a disc that is capable of many different things on the course!” Currently, Connor still has some of his Tour Series Faiths available, you can grab one of those in the Latitude 64° Factory Store while you are waiting for his 2023 Tour Series disc to release!

In wrapping up our discussion with Connor, we discussed why he chose Latitude 64° as the brand to represent. He said, “I love the consistent quality of the Latitude 64° lineup, and I’m excited to see it continue to grow alongside its players as this game continues to stride forward!”

Latitude 64° is excited to have such a great brand ambassador on our Pro Team and we are looking forward to what Connor has in store both on the course and in the commentary booth for 2023!