Connor O’Reilly ready for 2022

Hard-working and talented Connor O’Reilly will take on 2022 with Latitude 64° discs in his bag. Connor has been with Latitude 64 since 2020, and the dedication and hard work he shows makes us really excited for next year. We had a quick chat with Connor to hear what’s on his mind. 

First off. Team Latitude 64 contract done for 2022. How’s that feeling?
“I feel great about extending my contract with Latitude for another year, this will be my third year representing the company, and with increased support, I’m ready for my best and most consistent year yet”, Connor says.

What’s happening for you this off-season? 
“I am stationed in Austin, Texas, for the off season! I’m working on growing my YouTube channel with a Vlogmas series, and I am also doing an off-season workout regimen to prepare my body for next season!”

You got your first big win at the NT in Delaware this year. How important will that win be for 2022?
“Knowing that I can win is huge for my mental game, it makes all of the sacrifices you have to make to get there so worth it!! And I know I still have so much room for growth so I feel very encouraged by that!”

So 1512 holes last year! You played the most out of anyone on the tour in 2021. What’s your plan for next year? Slow down, or play even more?
“Last year was a grind!! With it being my first year on the road and me not playing up to my standards it was hard for me to pass up an opportunity to compete, gain experience, and have a chance to make a name for myself/win! Luckily that grind paid off in at least one win! This year will be a more concentrated focus on the bigger events and letting the body recover and rest more!”

Any new and exciting changes in your bag?
“With the addition of the Glory in the Royal line I will be adding that into the bag to fill the gap between my Explorer and my Pioneer! I am also excited to put the Anchor back into the bag to bridge the slot from Compass to Justice!”

We’re happy to have you on Team Latitude 64°, Connor! 

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