Clint Calvin

PDGA#: 84958
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Born: 1994
Started playing: 2014
Home Course: Morley Field
Favorite Course: Milo
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My greatest strength as a disc golfer is my decision making ability that keeps me in check and doesn’t allow me to give away strokes.

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  • 2018 USDAGC Champion
  • 2018-2019 Morley Field Course Champion
  • 2020 Surf City Champion
  • 2018 Endless Summer Champion

Favorite discs

Classic Blend Judge

“For my putting style, the judge holds a great straight line with enough stability to not be affected by the wind. The classic plastic gives me the same clean release everytime and I instantly saw improvements in my C1 and C2 % after making the change.”

Opto Claymore

Opto Claymore

“One of the most comfortable discs I’ve ever felt, the smaller rim gives me unparalleled confidence for every shot. Tons of glide, neutral stability, this disc can do it all.”

Opto Saint Pro

Opto Saint Pro

“Talk about a work horse fairway; turnovers, dead straight, controlled hyzers, long distance rollers, the saint pro will replace several molds in your bag with this one.”

Gold Ballista Pro

“Shoutout to Tristan Tanner for putting me onto this disc, basically is just BOMBS.”