Clint Calvin is ready to take off

Team 64’s Clint Calvin, from southern California, has honed his skills and is ready to compete with the best. For 2021, Clint will take place in our Pro level on the team, and with increased support he is ready to play more events. We had a quick chat with Calvin to hear about his plans for the coming season.

2020 was a weird year for everyone. How was it for you?
“2020 was going to be my breakout year I had told myself. Over the off season I felt like I finally finalized the discs in my bag and got over the mental obstacles that had been holding me back. It was a bitter sweet year, I started to dial everything in and then I didn’t have the opportunity to play. I started off the year hot, taking second and then first in my two events, and then events started to get cancelled. I think in total, I signed up for around 28 events and only was able to play 7”, Clint says.

You made a rating jump from 1004 to 1033 in 2020. What kind of work lies behind that progress?
“As for my ratings jump. Truly, I’ve always had the ability, I just finally started believing in myself. In 2020, due to the cancelations, it has made me more grateful for the opportunities when I do get to compete. I find myself in a more much peaceful state of mind that has helped tremendously with the consistency of my game.”

What is the single most important improvement in your game?
“I’d say the largest single improvement in my game would be the consistency of my drives. In San Diego, all of our courses were closed at one time, and now that they have reopened, they are all very busy. I find myself doing field work 4-5 times a week now since I would rather be productive then go waste 3 hours waiting for people on a course.”

What is your plans and goals for 2021?
“My plans for 2021 are to do some touring, ideally playing 25 events throughout the year. Now it’s basically how can I better myself everyday. I’ve built a strong relationship with my SoCal (Southern California) disc golf community and have become a trusted teacher, so I also plan on doing many lessons and clinics throughout the year. My goals are to maintain a 1030+ rating, cash at every event and win atleast 5 tournaments this year. These goals may need some adjusting as the year plays out, but I think for now that these are realistic and not too easy to achieve.”

What do you think about the new Royal discs? 
“I absolutely love the Royal Line. Somebody picked up my Faith from the fairway so I lost that one, but I could not believe how stable that disc is, a lot of people are going to love it. The Rive feels and flies great. I like the Ballista Pro but the Rive had a much better feel in the hand and flies just as far, I think it will knock my Ballista Pro and Raiders out of the bag. The Grace reminds me of a Trespass with a bit more turn, great for max distance hyzer flips. The Trust is a tough one. I absolutely love my Pines since I found them in October. The Trust has a similar straight to stable flight pattern, I’d would like them to be a bit more overstable though”, Clint says.

We wish you the best in 2021, Clint!