Casey DellaPenna

PDGA#: 102277
Location: Northfield,Ma, USA
Born: 1991
Started playing: 2017
Home Course: Oak Ridge DGC, Gill Ma
Favorite Course: Maple Hill DGC, Leicester, Massachusetts
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My strengths would be my passion for the sport, my dedication and my positive attitude.

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  • Aced during 2019 AM Worlds
  • I have helped TD a fundraiser tournament as well as assisted in designing a new course in my area
  • I have held a clinic for women starting to learn the basics
  • I have had multiple top 5 finishes

Favorite discs

Opto-X Chameleon Pure

“Great throwing putter.”

Gold Diamond

“Perfect for carving up the woods.”

Gold Sapphire

“Love it. Sapphire is a great step up from the diamond with a bit more stability.”

Lucid Trespass by Dynamic DIscs

Lucid Trespass

“Great distance driver with consistent fade.”

VIP Harp

“A reliable workhorse for the bag.”