Brad Boehmer

PDGA#: 47567
Location: Clayton, Ohio, USA
Division: Advanced Masters
Born: 1974
Started playing: 94-95 and comeback in 2007
Home Course: Caesars Ford Park
Favorite Course: Mt. Airy
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: I feel my greatest strength in DG is helping people. As a player I feel I’m still pretty solid, but I think I can help “coach” other players to help them become better at DG.

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  • Top ten finish (8/124) at 2017 Glass Blown Open
  • 1st place at 2017 HOMIE A-Tier

Favorite discs

Gold Saint

“GL Saint has been and continues to be my go to Driver. The GL is a great controllable 9 speed Driver with 7 glide! It will help you reach the green every time!”

Gold Explorer

Gold Explorer

“GL Explorer has been a great addition to my bag and great compliment to my Saint. Great for fairway shots!”

VIP Gatekeeper

“VIP Gatekeeper has been such a pleasant addition. This mid glides for days and will fly in whatever line you put it on!”

Opto Mercy

Opto Mercy

“#LawdhaveMercy…. The Mercy was my first putter from the Latitude line up in 2011 and still remains my putter of choice.”