Aria Castruita

PDGA#: 105126
Location: Spicewood, Texas
Born: 2006
Started playing: 2011
Home Course: Swordstone, Spicewood, TX
Favorite Course: Roy Guerrero Park, Austin, TX
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My putting

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2019 Piney Woods, Advanced, 1st Place

2019 Junior Worlds, <15, 2nd Place

2X Women Global Event, <15, 1st Place

Favorite discs

Opto Moonshine Ballista Pro

Moonshine Ballista Pro

“Great distance driver. Dependable and it goes straight even in the wind.”

Fuzion Escape

“I love this fairway driver. It really carries the line on an anhyzer.”

Opto Fuse

Opto Fuse

“My favorite midrange. It flies really straight for me.”

Classic Judge

“Putter of choice. Great grip, consistent and straight flight.”