2024 Latitude 64° Team Structure Announcement

With a New Year comes new opportunities, and Latitude 64° aims to create new opportunities with an updated team structure. The new team structure will allow us to highlight specific team segments. It will also allow us to represent team levels accurately to our athletes and the general public. It will give players particular levels to strive for as they compete throughout the season.

In 2023 and previously, the team comprised four primary levels: Pro, Tour, Core, and Ambassador. The compact teams led to confusion in the middle tiers, specifically surrounding expectations and how to properly represent what it meant for a player to be on a particular level. In 2023, our Core Level team had players aged 14 to 50 and did many great things, but it was hard to compare apples to apples. The new 2024 structure will allow us to better highlight each of our team players with smaller team levels, each with their purpose. 

In 2024, the Latitude 64° Team will move from having four levels to seven levels. In its most recent iteration, the team levels were basic and attempted to describe the players within the level. However, the top two levels (Pro and Tour) could be confusing given that the players on the Pro level played on Tour, and the Tour players competed regionally. To alleviate the confusion, the new tiers will create separation. Additionally, to help keep things within the brand, four of the seven levels are named after plastic types offered at Latitude 64°. The plastic branding of teams can help fans at home better understand how our players are categorized by attaching a plastic-type to the team. The other three team levels are based on clear titles, which help accurately define players’ place on the team.

Without further ado…

The Structure

Tier 1: World Champion

The World Champion Team is for players who have achieved the title of Professional World Champion. Since this is the highest honor a player can earn in the sport, it is fitting to highlight those players by their World Champion title. 

Tier 2: Grand

Grand is the top plastic created by Latitude 64° and a part of the Royal line-up. The Grand Team represents the players on our team actively competing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and at PDGA Majors. These players receive support on the team through Tour Series discs, and their full-time jobs are competing in disc golf tournaments. 

Tier 3: Sense

The second plastic in the Latitude 64° Royal line-up, this team level represents our players actively seeking to elevate to the professional level. The Sense Team comprises younger players who are competing at significant regional events but also at some Disc Golf Pro Tour events and local Majors. Players competing on the professional level who are still in school or looking to earn their way onto the Tour will most likely be on this team. 

Tier 4: Gold

The original premium plastic at Latitude 64°, this team level represents our regional professionals. The Gold Team features players competing in both professional and age-protected levels at a high frequency. These players have another career outside of disc golf and are sometimes known as “weekend warriors.” In most cases, this team is the highest level someone can achieve if they are not attempting to be a touring professional. 

Tier 5: Opto

The consistent plastic at Latitude 64°, this team features our less-active professionals and prominent regional ambassadors. A reimagined version of our Core Team, this is the entry-level professional team and our most consistent professional brand ambassadors. Over future seasons, expect to see fresh faces as people look to join Team Latitude 64° and historic mainstays, which are the core of Latitude 64°’s representation. 

Tier 6: Ambassador

A tier that needs no name change, our Ambassador team is the bread and butter of the Latitude 64° sponsorship program. In 2024 and beyond, we will be growing our Ambassador team worldwide to show our commitment to growing the sport of disc golf. Ambassadors are not just competitors; they are people working on the sport’s local, regional, and country-level growth. Our Ambassadors are actively running tournaments, teaching clinics, and doing other activities to help grow the sport in their way.

Tier 7: Junior

A brand new tier for 2024, Latitude 64°, will bring back the junior team. Outside of our Ambassador Team, the Junior Team will see the most growth in 2024 (and beyond). The Junior Team comprises players committed to playing at the junior level before “going pro.” We have gathered a set of juniors competing in junior Majors and working to grow the sport in their area. 

Follow Along

Over the next three weeks, we will release information about ALL of the players on our Team in 2024. We will introduce each Tier independently between now and the first week of January here in the Team News section of the site. You will be able to learn more about each of our players and see our new additions as we announce each Tier! 

How to Join the Team

Latitude 64° has already set its team for 2024. However, we hold an open application session each summer for players who feel they might be a good fit for the abovementioned team levels. To the 800+ people who applied to be on the team this summer, thank you for your interest and patience. We added quite a few new faces to the team through the process. In early 2024, we will begin to outline our selection process and what we seek in prospective team members. In the meantime, keep doing what you are doing! Whether practicing, growing the sport in person, or growing it through social media, the more you work now, the better prepared you will be when team applications open again!