Our third team to announce is our local professionals and ambassadors, the Opto Team! This team is comprised of players who fit into one of three categories: competing professionally on a local and regional level, working on representing the sport both through their competitive play but also through serving as an Ambassador in some capacity, or just joining the professional ranks of Team Latitude 64 for the first time.

The 2024 Opto Team includes a few new players for 2024! We are excited to welcome two new FPO competitors to Team Latitude 64 while continuing to support several other players who previously comprised our “Core” or “Tour” teams. 

We are excited to highlight and bring even more of a spotlight to this team in 2024!

Opto Team

Kaitlyn Clay

Kaitlyn is a regional professional competing in New York and the surrounding area. She has been playing many events over the past few years and looks to continue the pace in 2024.

Favorite Disc: Grace

2024 Goals: 1. Compete at bigger tournaments outside my region 2. Become a more consistent putter

Tournament Goals: USWDGC, Lake Marshall Open, Minekill Disc Golf Championships, and Brewster Ridge Open

One Cool Thing: Has been playing ultimate frisbee for 12 years!

Brook Nicole Johnson

Brook joins us from West Virginia, where she serves as the PDGA State Coordinator but is also transitioning to the professional division for 2024. After strong showings in the amateur ranks in 2023, we look forward to supporting her as she takes the plunge into professional competition in 2024.

Favorite Disc: Grace

2024 Goals: Raise rating over 900, cash in FPO at an A tier or Major, and compete in new events

Tournament Goals: PDGA Pro Worlds

One Cool Thing: My three Australian Shepherds Maverick, Remy, and Zero are my life.

Emil Dahlgren

Emil has been with Team Latitude 64 for multiple years and is a strong competitor at Swedish Tournaments. Emil cashed at every event he played in 2023 and will look to do the same in 2024.

Favorite Disc: Sinus

2024 Goals: Have fun, Play well

Tournament Goals: Swedish Open

One Cool Thing: Never hits aces. It’s weirdly uncommon. Last tournament ace was in 2017.

Dylan Feldman

Dylan is a rising professional in Australia working to return from injury in 2023. His first tournament back from injury this year was the Australian Championships, where he finished in the top 5. We have high hopes for where he is going in 2024 and beyond!

Favorite Disc: Compass

2024 Goals: 1. Making a comeback to a full tournament schedule 2. Win my state championships (VIC Open) 3. Win my second national title 4. Get my rating to 1000 by end of year

Tournament Goals: Aussie Open 2024

One Cool Thing: Loves a good ‘dad joke’

Anton Lindh

Anton has been on the Latitude 64 Team for quite some time. His representation of Latitude 64 on a professional level in Sweden for many years gives us high hopes for a strong 2024 season. 

Favorite Disc: Compass

2024 Goals: Come back to his previous high level of playing

Tournament Goals: Swedish Championships

One Cool Thing: Is a good teacher

Jason Pinkal

Jason represents the Latitude 64 team in the Pacific Northwest. He primarily competes in the MP40 division and has been doing so for quite some time.

Favorite Disc: Grace

2024 Goals: Plans to continue to develop his sidearm shot. This includes adding 50 feet of distance and expanding release angles. Also wants to play a few events that he hasn’t played before and/or haven’t played in a while.

Tournament Goals: Beaver State Fling 2024!

Top Event to TD in 2024: Is part of the team bringing back the Northwest Disc Golf Team Invitational in 2024. This event will provide the perfect mix of competition and comradery.

One Cool Thing: Played for Team USA during the inaugural PDGA/WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championship in 2016. It was an amazing experience to meet so many great folks from around the world….and we won!

Hans Tegebäck

Hans represents Team Latitude 64 in the MP60 (and MPO) division in Sweden. Having been on our team for quite some time, Hans shows a commitment to the sport that is unparalleled.

Favorite Disc: Grace

2024 Goals: Get more people interested in Discgolf and have Clinics. Stay healthy so that he can play many tournaments and of course, play well

Tournament Goals: PDGA Masters World Championship

Top Event to TD in 2024: Onsala Discgolf Open, be on the lookout for more info!

One Cool Thing: Started playing Discgolf/Frisbee 1977, first Worlds attended was 1981 in Los Angeles, Played USDGC 8 times

Rasmus Metsamaa

This is Rasmus’s second year on Team Latitude 64. He is seeking to continue to compete at a high level in Europe while also helping to grow the sport through his efforts to promote disc golf in Estonia.

Favorite Disc: Explorer

2024 Goals: To be the best version of myself on and off the course

Tournament Goals: DGPT ELITE series in Tallinn Song Festival grounds

One Cool Thing: Has been playing with trilogy discs his entire disc golf career

Åke Wallbäcks

Åke is a passionate MPO and MP50 competitor from Sweden. He represents Team Latitude 64 not only in Sweden but in larger tournaments across Europe. His commitment to both playing and growing the sport is very strong.

Favorite Disc: Trust

2024 Goals: Play full National Tour in Sweden 2024

Tournament Goals: PDGA World Masters Championship

Top Event to TD in 2024: Dalatouren! The most comprehensive tour in mid Sweden – all skill levels welcome

One Cool Thing: #teamlefty

Patrick Robinson

Patrick represents the Latitude 64 brand down under (that’s slang for Australia). He does more than just play professionally though, he is committed to growing the sport in Australia on multiple levels. 

Favorite Disc: Ballista Pro

2024 Goals: To play an international tournament and compete at the highest level on the Australian Tour.

Tournament Goals: The Eruption, The Aussie Open, and all major Australian events

One Cool Thing: Hosts a disc golf podcast called “The Tee Off” with two other Aussies. It’s light-hearted and fun. The Tee Off also did commentary for all of the major Aussie events this year which you can find on Gatekeeper Media!

Sigrid Sandum

Sigrid is an FP40 (and FPO) competitor from Norway. She competes professionally and spends a lot of time working on her local courses and helping run tournaments in her area. 

Favorite Disc: Mercy (has been using it for nine years now!)

2024 Goals: Hopes that 2024 will be the season she finally finds her way back to the player she enjoyed being the most, fearless and aggressive. You learn a lot from injuries, and she is humbled for a new opportunity, and now she wants to try her hand at bigger tournaments against the best players and see how far it will take her.

Tournament Goals: Krokhol Open, Norwegian Championship, and a few other big tournaments that she will probably have to work in the beginning of the year to be able to participate in.

One Cool Thing: Was a circuit champion in show jumping for children under the age of 12, and was always put on new horses to find out if they were used to having people on their backs

Kevin Konsorr

Kevin represents Team Latitude 64 as a top professional in Germany. An injury he sustained in 2023 kept him from competing at the level he would like to compete at, but he’s looking to return to form in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Opto Compass

2024 Goals: Play more events again; Compete on a high level; Growing the sport

Tournament Goals: Germany Championships and possibly the WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championships

One Cool Thing: Loves giving tips or instructions and talking about discs and their flight! Can help you out finding the perfect ones for you – So feel free to ask! 🙂

Samuel Henderson

Sam Henderson

Sam has been a presence at New England regional tournaments for several years. He does a great job representing Team Latitude 64, and we look forward to having him on the team again in 2024!

Favorite Disc: River

2024 Goals: Reclaim the title of highest-rated lefty in New England

Tournament Goals: Brewster Ridge Open

One Cool Thing: First player to play professional ultimate in the AUDL (2012) and earn a DGPT tour card (2017)

More Team Announcements Coming…

We are excited about our first portion of team-level announcements and look forward to future releases between now and the new year. Check back on Tuesday when we announce our next team level!