Our fourth team to announce is our touring players, the Grand Team! This team comprises the Latitude 64 team players who play disc golf full-time but have not won the PDGA World Championships (see our team structure explanation article for more info). This year, Latitude 64 looks forward to focusing on our full-time professionals and helping them succeed on and off the course. 

**Spoilers** There are no new Grand Team players for 2024. **Spoilers**

As we increase our focus on supporting and promoting our existing team, we look forward to building a sustainable system to help grow this team in future seasons.

While we do not have any new team players, please read further to learn more about each of our returning Grand Team players.

Grand Team

JohnE McCray

JohnE is often times referred to as the ageless wonder. JohnE has now won multiple Age-protected Majors and is looking to play as much on the Disc Golf Pro Tour as possible next season while also taking in the Disc Golf Masters Tour.

Favorite Disc: Saint Pro

2024 Goals: To play MPO on the DGPT circuit and MP50 on the DGMT circuit. I want to compete in both the Open and Masters Worlds. I want to defend all the titles I won in 2023. I want to host more clinics and keep teaching about Disc Golf.

Tournament Goals: The Las Vegas Challenge because it’s my birthday week… also the Masters Worlds because it’s in Emporia, and that was my first World title back in 2016.

One Cool Thing: I was raised in a military family. We moved every four years. I’ve lived all over the United States and in other countries as well. I have four older siblings and one younger sibling. I grew up playing sports… any kind of sport was my happy place, but my favorite sport growing up was soccer.

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Silver Lätt

Silver has been with the team for several seasons and, after spending most of 2023 in Europe, is looking forward to making at least two trips to the United States for competitions in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Tour Series Rive

2024 Goals: Win tournaments. Enjoy competing. Grow the sport. Being a role model for youngsters.

Tournament Goals: European Disc Golf Festival and Pro Worlds

Top Tournament to TD in 2024: Jõulumäe Open. Because we’re going to have an outstanding weekend!

One Cool Thing: That I absolutely L O V E pineapple on my pizza ????

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Rebecca Cox

Rebecca has been a staple on the Latitude 64 Team for quite some time, and we look forward to having her back again in 2024! After a successful West Coast swing, she’s looking forward to taking that same competitive level to all her events in 2024.

Favorite Disc: Grand Grace

2024 Goals: I want to play my absolute best. To play freely, without fear or doubt.

Tournament Goals: I am very excited to compete at my home course; Idlewild.

One Cool Thing: I love to cook and bake!

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Jakub Semerád

2023 was a contract season for Jakub, and he showed up and showed out. We were excited to keep Jakub on the team for another year. He has a full schedule of both US and European events mapped out for 2024! 

Favorite Disc: Ballista Pro

2024 Goals: Top 10 on a Major, qualifying for DGPT Championship

Tournament Goals: Worlds

One Cool Thing: Has a college degree in Automation

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Albert Tamm

Albert “Bazooka” Tamm is looking forward to putting his US Visa to use in 2024, kicking off his season in Florida and hosting clinics before the Disc Golf Pro Tour begins. If you have a chance to meet him out on Tour you will not regret it!

Favorite Disc: Trust

2024 Goals: Qualify for the DGPT Championship & reach 1030+ Rating

Tournament Goals: World Championships and European Disc Golf Festival

One Cool Thing: Albert wants you to watch this video ———–> DO IT! ————->

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Kevin Keifer

Kevin is returning to Tour in 2024 after a knee injury at the end of the 2023 season. While his restart to the Tour is not fully set, he has been rehabbing since surgery in November and is on track to compete in an elevated way in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Orbit Rive

2024 Goals: Get my rating up to 1025+ and compete over in Europe for the first time in my career!

Tournament Goals: I can’t wait to travel abroad and play in the European open. Playing internationally has been a dream of mine since a young age.

One Cool Thing: I’m an escape room enthusiast and while I travel the country I’ve done over 50 escape rooms. I love challenging myself with the crazy puzzles and brain teasers and can’t wait to continue that hobby though out the years!

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Lauri Lehtinen

2023 was a contract year for Lauri which also saw him completing his mandatory Finnish military service. Upon completion of his service, he made a statement on the European Pro Tour and ended up with the highest Latitude 64 MPO finish at the PDGA World Championships. We look forward to seeing him have a full competitive season in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Explorer

2024 Goals: My goal is to play the best season so far and grab some great wins.

Tournament Goals: European Open

One Cool Thing: Before my disc golf career I played soccer for ten years.

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Linus Carlsson

Linus signed a multi-year contract with Latitude 64 in 2022 and secured a U.S. Professional Athlete visa. Since his visa was approved later in the 2023 season than expected, Linus looks forward to having a full U.S. Tour under his belt in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Compass

2024 Goals: A big win would be nice but I’m looking forward to stay consistent and make the DGPT Finals

Tournament Goals: Swedish Open

One Cool Thing: Probably the best professional DG player at Disc Golf Valley (yes, Simon, that’s a challenge).

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More Team Announcements Coming…

We are excited to continue our team-level announcements and look forward to future releases between now and the new year. Check back on Thursday when we announce our next team level!