Our second team to announce is our largest team, the Ambassador Team! Our commitment to our Ambassadors will only strengthen over the years, and we are looking forward to the base of disc golf enthusiasts we have on the team for 2024!

The 2024 Ambassador Team includes our most new players for 2024! One of our core values is growing the sport, which is the Ambassador Team’s focus. To join the Ambassador Team means that you are doing great things in your local, regional, or national disc golf community. Our Ambassador Team ranges from people introducing large numbers to disc golf in metro areas to organizers of national disc golf activities.

We are excited to highlight and bring even more of a spotlight to this team in 2024!

Ambassador Team

Bohdan Aleksieiev

Bohdan serves as an ambassador of frisbee sports in Ukraine. After seeing his enthusiasm for the sport and his dedication to using disc golf (and all frisbee sports) in Ukraine to bring recreation and joy to a country in need.

Favorite Disc: Savior

2024 Goals: Play in at least 15 tournaments, grow the sport and build new courses

Tournament Goals: DGPT Europe, WFDF World Team Championship, Ukraine Championships

Top Event as TD in 2024? From Bohdan: Disc golf tournaments are happening in Ukraine! If there’s a way for you to make it please join, it’s a good time!

One Cool Thing: Was a bass player in a post-hardcore band that toured Europe. Has four different university degrees

Marijan Krištofić

Marijan joins the team from Solvenia. He has been participating in growing the sport in Solvenia for a few years now. 

Favorite Disc: Orbit Grace

2024 Goals: Win the Slovenian National Championship

Tournament Goals: Amateur Worlds

Top Event as TD in 2024? Lipica Open B-Tier (maybe A-Tier!), a great, fun, challenging course in a beautiful part of Slovenia

One Cool Thing: I was a former Professional handball player, played handball for 24 Years.

Raimo Kimmel

A member of the tournament staff for multiple events in Estonia, Raimo has proven his commitment to growing the sport in his country. We are looking forward to having another great ambassador for the sport in Estonia in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Core

2024 Goals: Focusing on fewer but more important tournaments

Tournament Goals: Baltic Disc Golf Championships

Top Event as TD in 2024: TD of the European Disc Golf Festival (DGPT) July 26-28 at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. We hope to see all the best disc golf players all over the world come to play in that event and all disc golf fans to watch the best players.

One Cool Thing: Is fascinated by the ruins of castles and the age of the Crusaders

Brett Hanna

Brett stood out to us for all the work he is doing in Canada. As we seek to grow our presence in Canada, we decided to take a unique approach to who we sponsor. Brett has quite the list of goals for 2024 and we look forward to following along as he reaches them! 

Favorite Disc: Compass

2024 Goals:In 2024 I’m looking to finish the redesign/overhaul of the Copper Ridge course, run 3 clinics and 5 tournaments! In the summer we’ll start working on one more course in Logan Lake too.

Tournament Goals: Falcons Flight

Top Event as TD in 2024: Crush Cub Cup – (October 2024) see a more worked in Dick Hart Park after a year of work goes into it. Phase 1 was fun but now its really time to make it shine and have some great competition.

One Cool Thing: Has a goal of making Logan Lake hold the title for the most disc golf courses per capita in Canada!

Tuukka Renkman

Tuukka joins the team as a content creator. His previous work with Powergrip and his passion for the sport is what drew us to sponsoring him in 2024. If you are in Finland, be looking for lots of fun Finnish disc golf content coming from his personal channel in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Trust

2024 Goals: Enjoy making content, and playing the sport

Tournament Goals: European Amateur Open

One Cool Thing: Is a really gooooooooooooood cook. 

Cameron J. Harbachuk

Cameron joins us from the state of Florida where he is the PDGA State Coordinator and runs a series of tournaments leading up to the Gulf Coast Charity Open which has quickly become one of the largest tournaments in Florida. Cameron’s passion for growing the sport in Florida is infectious.

Favorite Disc: Grace

2024 Goals: Working on my backhand form and getting back to playing some events more consistently. I had a knee injury at the end of last 2022 that really limited my ability to practice and progress my game. Now that it’s healed, I’m super excited to get back and improve my game.

Tournament Goals:The Chain Hawk Open in Gainesville, FL. It is by far the best-run event in the state and its been years since I’ve been able to play it.

Top Event to TD in 2024:The 2024 Gulf Coast Charity Open Presented by The Florida Real Estate Team. The GCCO is the flagship event we run yearly that attracts 405 players to the Tampa area to compete across 7 courses with all proceeds donated directly to charity. The event is the culmination of a year’s worth of work for our staff and boasts the best player package around. This year, we anticipate an event value north of $60k with $12k donated to our beneficiary charity.

One Cool Thing: Is pretty good at Mario Kart and is always down to be challenged

Philip Østerby Kristoffersen

Philip joins the team from Denmark where he is the COO of Discimport, one of the largest disc golf retailers in Denmark. We are excited to extend our partnership with a person and company that are doing great things in their country!

Favorite Disc: Pure

2024 Goals: Become a better disc golfer, grow the sport & have a lot of fun while playing!

Tournament Goals: Fairway Cup, Danish Tour, & Danish Championship

One Cool Thing: I might not be a professional disc golfer, but I work with disc golf as my daily job, and I love it!

Luke Wessel

Luke lives in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area and has been representing Team Latitude 64 for quite some time. He runs one of the largest shot-gun start leagues in the state of Minnesota and has a passion for growing the sport in his community.

Favorite Disc: Opto Bite

2024 Goals: Hit 975 rated, continue to run and grow the Apple Valley Disc Golf league, continue collaborating on content with Richie Ortiz and the Disc Golf Bro Tour, and Have fun!

Tournament Goals: Lake Superior Open

One Cool Thing: I’m a type 1 diabetic. If I crash on the course, throw some OJ my way.

Leiv Aspén

Leiv is passionate about disc golf not only in Norway but across Europe. A current PDGA board member, he is now looking forward to assisting the Disc Golf Pro Tour as they expand into Europe in 2024. 

Favorite Disc: Honor

2024 Goals:Win the Norwegian Nationals in MP40 and organize the best DGPT event in Europe ????

Tournament Goals: Norwegian Nationals

Top Event to TD in 2024: Really looking forward to organizing Krokhol Open 2024 as a DGPT Elite event. Players would wanna play this event because of the player field and the beautiful scenery.

One Cool Thing: Only throws with fangrip!

Denise Cameron

Denise has been with Team Latitude 64 for several years, and her commitment to helping grow women’s disc golf is unwavering. 

Favorite Disc: Pure

2024 Goals: To continue to facilitate leagues and events for women to grow as players. To have a successful year as a competitor!

Tournament Goals: The Meier Lake Classic in Alaska!

Top Event to TD in 2024:The Emporia Ladies Open – we make it better every year!

One Cool Thing:When I am not collecting birdies on the disc golf course, I research birds as a wildlife biologist!

Pierre Meunier

Pierre is a content creator who aims to document his growth from an amateur competitor to a professional. He is on year two of his project and we are looking forward to having him back for another season!

Favorite Disc: Explorer

2024 Goals: Get more consistent

Tournament Goals: French National Championships

One Cool Thing: Loves learning from others and sharing what he knows

Mike Conlee

Mike has been on the team for quite some time and is a solid ambassador for Latitude 64 in the midwest United States. While he is not playing as many big events as in previous seasons, we look forward to having him represent us another year at Latitude 64!

Favorite Disc: Soft Sinus

2024 Goals:-Increased involvement in growing the junior leagues in my area, held mainly at my new home course. -Advocate more for (and directly help with) area course improvements now that I’ve moved to the best disc golf region in my state. -remain competitive amongst Illinois pros by opening my game to new shot shapes, throwing the right shot for the situation, practicing, and mixing in new discs as applicable. -continue to advocate for life balance outside of disc golf, being a strong role model, visible and vocal to young/new players.

Tournament Goals: IOS Rockford A-tier, Dellwood Disc Golf’s Clash at the Canyons, Ledgestone, Sinnissippi Open

One Cool Thing:In the Winter I’m an avid curler, being a member of the oldest curling club in Illinois

Ola Stakkeland

Ola is passionate about growing the sport in Norway. An avid tournament director, when he’s not running tournaments, he is pretty competitive on his local disc golf scene too. 

Favorite Disc: Mercy

2024 Goals: Grow the sport in his region and grow as a player.

Tournament Goals: Norwegian Championship

Top Tournament to TD in 2024: National Tour Event, back on the biggest scene in Norway with a fantastic course

One Cool Thing: One thing The disc golf fans should know, JK will be back!

Brandon Redmond

Brandon has been on Team Latitude 64 for quite some time. His commitment to his local community while still competing regularly has us excited to have him on the team again in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Core

2024 Goals:I want to make it over 970 rated. I want to make my Trilogy Challenge hit the 100-player mark back to back. I want to win 4 events, one of them being an A tier I want to be able to introduce at least a dozen new players to the sport. I want to host/take part in at least two clinics

Tournament Goals: Oakland County championships. Lower peninsula Open Stony Creek Open

One Cool Thing: Is a big Star Wars nerd!

Patrik Martinsson

When Patrik is not performing, he is busy running a disc golf tour in Sweden. A man of stage and disc golf, we have loved having Patrik on the team for quite some time and are looking forward to another great season in 2024!

Favorite Disc: Pure

2024 Goals: I want to be a better disc golfer. I want to have fun in my training. I want to make other disc golfers better disc golfers. My goal with our company Discgolf Stockholm, is to still give the best competitions for amateurs and beginners. Its a lot of event organizers out there. And that is a good motivator to do our best to keep developing.

Tournament Goals: I mostly don’t have time to play in other competitions than our own tour, “AMAtouren.” The final event in that tour is at the course that I have designed, the Västerhaninge Discgolf course in Stockholm. It’s always fun to play that event!

Top Tournament to TD in 2024:AMAtouren, because it’s the best tour for amateurs and beginners. And we do also have spots for better players. AMAtouren is a tour where we take care of the new players. They will play a tournament that is totally super-professional managed. And we always have a big lottery with fine stuff so anyone can win. It’s very popular, and this will be the 6th year we have arranged AMAtouren.

One Cool Thing: I have designed Västerhaninge Discgolfcourse.

Brad Boehmer

The creator of the Latitude 64, Westside, and Dynamic Discs Facebook Fan Page. Brad has been an ambassador for Latitude 64 since before he was on the ambassador team. 

Favorite Disc: Gold Line Explorer

2024 Goals: Promote Latitude 64 in a heavy Innova home area. I’d also like to host a Trilogy challenge again in 2024.

Tournament Goals: Not a particular event, but I am looking forward to playing in the East Coast region of the USA this year. I have not played in that area in the past.

One Cool Thing: Aside from my day job and disc golf, I also work for CBS Sports, controlling the line of scrimmage and line to gain lines that are seen on your TV screens while watching NFL games at Indianapolis Colts home games.

Romain Warembourg

Romain Warembourg

Romain has been representing Latitude in France for quite some time. He is active on the professional scene but also running several different events throughout the season. We look forward to what he has in store for 2024!

Favorite Disc: Rive

2024 Goals: Playing more and continue to grow the sport in France

Tournament Goals: Belgian Open and All French National Tours

Top Event to TD in 2024: There’s a few: One national tour, a Trilogy Challenge, and a doubles event

One Cool Thing: I will be dad for the first time. In March 🙂

Casey Mount

Casey is a long-standing Ambassador from New England. She recently upped her game in the FPO division but that has not caused her to waiver in her goal of helping support women’s disc golf in the northern United States.

Favorite Disc: Sapphire

2024 Goals: This year’s goal is to believe in my abilities

Tournament Goals: Tri-State Championship!

Top Event to TD in 2024: I will be hosting a two-course event this summer that will also be a fundraising event for breast cancer research!

One Cool Thing: I am a practice leader for a dental office. ????????

Lars Somby

Lars is another great representative of Latitude 64 in Norway. His support in growing the sport regionally and representing Latitude in the age-protected divisions (and sometimes MPO) is much appreciated.

Favorite Disc: Gold Explorer

2024 Goals: Keep evolving and getting better, Help to grow the sport, Win the Norwegian Championship in MP40, Top five placement in the European Championship MP50

Tournament Goals: Norwegian Championship

One Cool Thing: Looking to earn his 4th consecutive MP40 Norwegian Championship

Sami Hyvönen

Sami is a strong brand ambassador in Finland. His primary focus is on running clinics for kids and new players but he also works to represent Latitude at several of the larger tournaments around Finland as well.

Favorite Disc: Pure

2024 Goals: Try to play more tournaments but surely keep more clinics for kids and new players.

Tournament Goals: I just like every event I can participate in but would love to go back to play a tournament in Terminalen, Skellefteå.

One Cool Thing: I only bag pink discs! Because the pink is just the best color!

Wolfgang Kraus

Wolfgang has been on the team for quite some time and is very involved in representing disc golf on a national level in Germany.

Favorite Disc: Gold Ballista

2024 Goals: Win the German Championship, and the German Disc Golf Tour

Tournament Goals: The World Team Championship in Australia

Top Event to TD in 2024: From Wolfgang: “I will be running several tournaments in 2024 as a TD. You shouldn’t miss the Ostpark Open (Rüsselsheim, Germany) in August. A tournament with tradition and a challenging course.”

One Cool Thing: If I look serious during a round, I’m usually tired…

More Team Announcements Coming…

We are excited about our first team-level announcements and look forward to future releases between now and the new year. Check back on Thursday when we announce our next team level!