Las Vegas 2018


Being the first National Tour event of 2018, the Las Vegas Challenge was arguably the true start of the season for many top players. And what a challenge it was. The cold and extremely windy conditions made an already tough course that much tougher. Early morning start times proved beneficial, and the scoreboard fluctuated heavily during the first two rounds, as the top players battled the gusting winds mid day. The “big arms” eventually woke up and started crushing the wide open holes (placed in and around a ball golf course), and we soon saw the usual suspects at the top of the leader board during the third and fourth rounds.

In the Open Men division, after a somewhat moderate start, Ricky Wysocki finished strong with a hot fourth round (-11), taking him to a tie for third place overall. Teammate Emerson Keith had a similar start, but turned up the heat along the way and had an equally impressive last round (-11), which tied him for nineth place. A big shout out also goes to top 20 finishers Devan Owens (13th), Ziggy Bierekoven (T16th) and Zack Johnson (T20th) holding the team flag high with solid performances. Great to see.

In the Open Women division, teammate Sai Ananda was the talk of the town after a splendid first round which saw her tied for the lead. That meant of course lead card video exposure on day 2 (via Jomez Productions), and it was truly exciting to watch. Although falling back a bit on the subsequent rounds, Sai finished tied for eighth overall, and we’re confident we’ll see more great disc golf from her this season. Rebecca Cox made her first outing as a Latitude 64° player and after three hard fought rounds finished in 17th place.

The Pro Masters 40+ Division turned out to be an all Team Latitude 64° duel between teammates Patrick Brown and David Feldberg. In a very close battle going back and forth, Patrick eventually came out on top, winning by two strokes. Congratulations to both players and many accolades for representing the team with honors. More to come on our Facebook page.

The Pro Masters 50+ division proved to be even closer. After a lukewarm first round, teammate Eric Rainey found his rhythm and played pretty much lights out all the way through the final three rounds, eventually finishing in second place after a final playoff. Nice going Eric.

We would like to thank the whole Latitude 64° Team for many fine results this past weekend, and we’re looking forward to following you through the 2018 season. Go Team.

Open Men, Team 64° placements:
3. Ricky Wysocki
9. Emerson Keith
13. Devan Owens
16. Ziggy Bierekoven
20. Zackeriath Johnson
22. Teemu Nissinen
30. Bobby Musick
30. Johannes Högberg
34. Alex Russell
41. Matt Bell
55. Mike Conlee
55. Scott Kile
63. James Beckner
80. JohnE McCray
85. Russell Jessop
91. Dillon Vallance
97. Jerome Knott
97. Robert Craig
118. Weston Isaacs

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Open Women, Team 64° placements:

8. Sai Ananda
17. Rebecca Cox

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Pro Masters 40+, Team 64° placements:

1. Patrick Brown
2. David Feldberg
51. Scott A. Reek

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Pro Masters 50+, Team 64° placements:

2. Eric Rainey

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