Samantha Yanssens

PDGA#: 55347
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Born: 1990
Started playing: 2011
Home Course: Stony Creek Metropark
Favorite Course: Flip City in Shelby, MI
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Forehands 200-250 feet

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  • 20 Career Wins
  • 2015 2nd Place finish Amateur Women’s World Championships

Favorite discs


“I putt with a Zero Hard Mercy, and also use it as a throwing putter in Zero Soft and Opto plastic. It’s a very consistent putter for me, and a great approach disc. I can put it under the basket almost every time within 150 feet.”

Opto-G Gobi

“I use the Opto-G Gobi when it’s a little too far for my Mercy. I can put it on a hyzer or big anhyzer and it will hold either one.”

Lucid Renegade

“Lucid Renegade is my favorite backhand driver and my go to for distance.”

Opto Halo

“Opto Halo is my favorite sidearm distance driver. I use this disc anywhere between 275-300 ft when I need a shot to finish to the right.”