Romain Warembourg

PDGA#: 73000
Location: Bully-Les-Mines, France
Born: 1991
Started playing: 2015
Home Course: Bully-Les-Mines
Favorite Course: Konopiste
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Mental

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  • Lead card Belgian open 2021
  • 4 times in a row trilogy challenge champion
  • 3 times In a row Bully-les-mines champion ma1

Favorite discs

BT Soft Swan 2

“My main putter. Perfect with my putting technic.”

Opto Compass

“My go to disc. Makes every approach. I can do what i want with this one.”

Opto Culverin

Opto Culverin

“Most confortable fairway in my hand.”

Ballista Pro

“My main distance driver. I have both it in both Opto Air and Opto-X plastic.”