Robert “Moe” Lockwood

PDGA#: 42236
Location: Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Born: 1983
Started playing: 2006
Home Course: Millsite Park
Favorite Course: Whistlers Bend
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Mental game. I have the ability to forget about bad shots until after the round so I can concentrate on the shot at hand.

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  • 2016 Oregon State Champion
  • Getting and keeping my rating over 1000

Favorite discs

Fuzion Enforcer

“Because it’s overstable and can handle power. I can forehand or backhand it. It’s very consistent and I trust it.”

Opto XXX

“The Opto XXX is very consistant. I use it for drives and shots from about 380ft (if I can flex it) down to about 250ft. I forehand and backhand this disc with confidence. I have also a Opto Moonshine that I also like a lot.”

Soft Justice

“This disc is amazing. I can get it out to almost 300 feet and when this disc is in my hand I feel like it will go wherever I tell it to. Being in the soft plastic it doesn’t take huge skips and usually doesn’t roll. It just does everything I ask out of it.”

BT Shield Medium

BT Medium Shield

“It is slightly overstable but still has decent glide. I can drive with it off the tee and expect it to fly straight then have a nice soft finish at the end of the flight. I also love putting with it because it has a consistent straight flight with a decent finish with my spin putt.”