T-Link Disc Golf Shoe


Stay focused under pressure with the T-Link Disc Golf Shoe from Latitude 64°. The rugged, carved antislip outsole gives you confidence both on tee and in terrain. This custom built Disc Golf shoe lets you focus on each shot and wearing it off the course will show the world that you are a Disc Golfer at heart.


Triple waterproof protection with Hydroguard water guard lining plus waterproof treatments on inside and outside of shoe upper materials.
High density antislip rubber outsole for maximum protection against rugged terrain and to reduce the impact on the arch of the foot during outdoor exercise. Carved design at the base give enhanced grip and make the movement easier, maximising performance in hiking, Disc Golfing etc.
High Quality breathable Phylon EVA insoles for extra comfort, minimising the vibration of each step, reducing fatigue.
Innovative and ergonomic design for better fit.


15.7 oz/444g

Warranty and maintenance:

Latitude 64° Shoe Warranty (PDF) »