New Latitude 64 Bags: Swift and Practice

We are increasing our line-up of bags for 2021 with the Swift Backpack and the Practice Bag. The Swift is our no-nonsense affordable disc golf bag, perfect for all the new disc golf players, and just as perfect for seasoned players in search of a really lightweight bag. The Practice Bag does maybe not need much of an explanation. Great for field work. It fits 40-45 discs, a water bottle, a jacket (for example), and your valuables in a side pocket. It is also a good option for off-season storage while still having them easily accessible.

We can also reveal that we are working on a revised edition of our Easy-Go Backpack. We know it has been out of stock for a while. The plan is to have it ready on the later half of 2021.

Want to know more about bags? Awesome! Here’s some links with info and pictures:

Swift Backpack »

Practice Bag »