Core Pro Edition 2 Backpack coming up

We have some exciting news coming up for 2022. One of those is the redesign of our popular Core Pro Backpack, now named Core Pro E2 Backpack!

Some have been happy with our big multi-use pockets on our Core Backpack and Core Pro Backpack. More and more of our fans and team players are using our Core Pro E2 Backpack, and based on feedback from them we are doing some changes on this second edition. We have actually copied the set-up from our DG Luxury E4 Backpack. So instead of two big zippered pockets you will not get:

LEFT SIDE (on the picture above)
• Inner zippered pocket. Good place to place 3-4 discs, or a lightweight jacket. 
Putter pocket, holds up to two discs.
Mini disc pocket.

RIGHT SIDE (on the picture above)
• Water bottle holder, perfect place for our 32 oz. stainless steel bottle.
• Small zippered pocket, place next to the bottle holder. This one suits well for phone, valuables, other smaller items.

… and here are the new color options for the Core Pro E2 Backpack: