Max Ringbom

PDGA#: 91175
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Born: 2005
Started playing: 2015
Home Course: Tyresö Disc Golf Course
Favorite Course: Järva Discgolfpark
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My putting is usually very solid and my game is consistent

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2018 Swedish National Tour Champion MJ15
2019 Swedish National Tour Champion MJ15
2019 3rd place at the Swedish championships MJ15
2019 Swedish rising star of the year – awarded by the Swedish Disc Golf Federation

Favorite discs

Zero Medium Spike


“My putter! It feels so great in my hand and holds the line on short and long putts. The Spike is also a reliably disc for short flip up shots.”

Opto Fuse


“Fuse is a understable midrange, but with a slightly hyzer angle it is a really straight flying midrange. The disc is good for both flip up shots and straight shots, it is flying really far for a midrange.”

Opto Saint Pro

Saint Pro

“The Saint Pro is such a great disc, it is a fairway driver which makes it more reliable than a distance driver. In my opinion though, it flies just as far as a distance driver.”

Ballista Pro

“Ballista Pro is the disc in my bag I throw the furthest, some of them are a little bit flippy and some of them has a reliably fade at the end. They can be used for many different kinds of throws and I couldn’t stand a round without my Ballista Pros.”