Martin Spliid

PDGA#: 38487
Location: Denmark
Started playing: 2006
Home Course: Fredtoften
Favorite Course: Järva
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Can play in all conditions

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  • Danish Double Champion 2017
  • Danish Tour Champion 2017

Favorite discs

Opto-X Stiletto

“It is predictable in all conditions and a great low profil.”

Opto Moonshine Gladiator

Opto Moonshine Gladiator

“It have Perfect feel and great glide.”

Opto Pioneer

“A disc I can throw in different lines and expect it to come back. One of my favorite.”

BT Medium Harp

BT Medium Harp

“The disc I have missed the most. I can use it for every upshot in both sidearm and backhand within 80 meters of the basket.”