Luke Wessel

PDGA#: 41897
Location: Burnsville, Minnesota, US
Born: 1987
Started playing: 2010
Home Course: Alimagnet
Favorite Course: Blue Ribbon Pines
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: I typically bring my dogs out for casual rounds and some league rounds. Becuase they are so excited and can be goofballs, it has helped my ability to focus. Try putting with a dog right at the basket ready to take your disc out!

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  • Run of of Minnesota’s largest disc golf leagues, AVDGL
  • 425ft Ace, Hole #5 @ Kaposia Park during AM Worlds
  • Aced with a Lat 64 Bite at an A-Tier (Cedar Creek Open)
  • 1st MPO Win in 2023 (FINALLY!)

Favorite discs

Grand Orbit Grace

Royal Grand Rive

Gold Explorer

Gold Explorer

Gold River

Gold River

Opto Pioneer

“Stable get-me-out-of-trouble-disc, or if I need something to get left, OR to mask my terrible terrible forehand.”

Opto Compass

Grand Trust

Opto Bite

“I love this disc! Great for warming up and approach shots within 150ft. Even snagged an ace at a A-Tier with one.”