Linus Carlsson

PDGA#: 82098
Location: Borås, Sweden
Born: 1999
Started playing: 2015
Home Course: Ymergårdens Discgolfcenter
Favorite Course: Vasset Discgolfpark (Sula Open)
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Putting

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  • 2x Swedish Champion (2020, 2021)
  • 2nd place European Championships 2021
  • 2021 Swedish National Tour Champion

Favorite discs

Royal Grand Rive

“It’s a great main distance driver that I can rely one in most conditions.”

Gold Line Flow

“This disc has so much glide and goes really far. Great for both backhand and forehands.”

Royal Grand Trust

“This straight shooter is just easy to throw, and I really love the plastic.”

BT Medium Harp

BT Medium Harp

“This overstable approach disc is a must. My favorite is really beaten in and flies dead straight. I also have a BT Hard and Tournament plastic which are more overstable.”