Let’s grow disc golf together in 2021

I want to begin by taking the opportunity to thank all royal…  I mean, loyal fans of Latitude 64. We fully understand that we owe you the privilege of us being able to tirelessly go to work and make quality matter, and that every day for us is an adventure. This is a great bonus that you keep on giving us.

2020 will go down in history like all years eventually do, and like all others it sure had a story to tell us. Yes, things have been abnormal, no question about it. I do hope that many of you have still had the chance to go out and enjoy playing disc golf. It is clear that our sport is thriving, and there are new people discovering disc golf in unprecedented numbers compared to earlier years.

So what have we been working on all year and what have we done to improve ourselves on an individual  and organizational level at Latitude 64?

I need to start by sharing that we have been blessed by being able to work in these circumstances through the year. That in itself has not been possible for a lot of people in the disc golf community. All have had to adjust to their local community rules and regulations. At Latitude 64 this challenging year has not had any severe negative impact so far. I hope as many as possible of you out there are blessed the same way.

Easy-to-Use Line

We are thrilled over the positive feedback on our new driver Sapphire in the Easy-To-Use line. There is no question that we now can feel proud of a full line of discs that is very suitable for beginners coming into our sport. I am personally very proud of this accomplishment since I have held this close to my heart and vision over a long period of time. Many players that started out with a Diamond still talk fondly about it to me, and many still carry them in their bags. Keeping these discs in stock is very important right now because of all the new disc golfers. 

See the detailed list of Easy-to-Use discs we will prioritize for 2021 »

Classic Line

This year we also had to make a big decision regarding our Classic Line. Currently we are working to improve the quality of some of the Classic molds. These are the ones that have the potential to be relevant for another decade earning the desire, attention and recognition of our players. This means they have to be cared for and refurbished by using the latest technology available.

I can fully understand it is disappointing that so many molds and plastic variations have been impossible to find this year. With skyrocketed sales because of the disc golf boom, keeping everything in stock is just impossible. We have a prioritized list of discs, based on popularity and variety, that we will work hard to make available for 2021. 

See the detailed list of Classic discs we will prioritize for 2021 »

Rest assured, even if your favorite disc is not on our prioritized list for 2021, our intention is to have it produced again in the future. We just want to be clear that discs not on this list probably won’t be produced during 2021. 

Royal Line

Fresh from the production line. These new molds and plastics are the big news for 2021. Initially these discs had a scheduled release in 2019! Due to various circumstances we failed to meet that goal. There was even discussion as late as September this year if we should have pushed the Royal to a 2022 release. One big point made us decide not to wait anymore. Quality matters for us and you.

We wanted to release these new molds to put pressure on ourselves. Pressure to continue to always improve processes, technique and dedication. 

We wanted our fans to know we are not standing still and being complacent even when the great demand of our discs would have allowed us to be.

The Rive, Grace, Trust and Faith is our core focus for now in the Royal line. As I am writing this we are currently planning to start the first run production after the holidays to be distributed during the first half of 2021. Royal still is and will be treated as an R&D (Research and development) project but we will continue to evolve with it for the foreseeable future. All products within the brand will benefit from R&D this over time.

In the future we will expand the Royal Line but let me get back to that in a year.

Disc Golf Valley

We are also very proud to have a mobile game that takes the sport indoor during this period we are all in. If you want to get more familiar with our discs and enjoy the digital world this game is a great complement. It is also a good way to introduce new friends to disc golf before or after you have taken them to your own community disc golf course.


Again, I want to stress how privileged and blessed we are at Latitude 64. I want to thank our staff for working more and harder than ever during this period. This has put a lot of pressure on our organization while we have doubled our staff in the last 9 months and of course increased our capacity to produce more of the world class discs we are proud of.

Thanks to all you out there working to spread the word of disc golf in your community and being a role model for the sport on all levels. Our close connections to our partners are invaluable for us to continue to improve and evolve for the benefit of all playing the beautiful game of disc golf.

Remember to take care of the people next to you and have a safe holiday and new year!

Best regards,
David Berglund, CEO at Latitude 64°