Latitude 64° retires 2K and Hex discs

My fellow disc golfers,
There is a new decade on the horizon. We have for the last 15 years gathered great knowledge within the company, with high tech production of discs for the Latitude 64°, Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Discmania brands.

During this time we have implemented several new revisions of technology in the production, developed several plastic blends, additives and effects.

The time has come to utilize our history to the fullest extent for the disc golf community and give our loyal fans even higher quality and more innovative products for the future. 

To make room for the future we are forced to take a hard look at our current line-up. We have retired molds before. Medius, Mirus and Primitus, all from our first fledgling line-up, has been discontinued for many years. And a few years ago we decided to retire: Vision, Trident, Blitz, Riot, Villain and Pain

Effective immediately we will retire the following molds.
Bryce | Zion | Fuji | Gobi | Sarek | Missilen | Raketen

Why are we retiring all the 2K molds? 
The overmold project was an exciting technology that we enjoyed mastering. The visuals were certainly pleasing. However our tests shows that the actual benefits in disc flights are not enough to make a noticeable difference. Besides that the overmold technology presented us with inconsistency problems. From now on we will be fully focused on making the best flying, most consistent, and good looking discs in one piece. 

Why are we retiring the Hex molds?
The Hex pattern we used on the Missilen and Raketen was another project we were excited to try out. The goal was to make discs fly faster and further. And the difference were certainly noticeable. The air drag decreased significantly, so speed increased. The glide however was decreased. Ultimately the discs flew about the same distance as a similar wide rim disc would have without the Hex pattern. 

Are all these discs retired permanently? 
Some discs will be available through our custom run program. These are Vision, Trident, Blitz, Riot, Villain, Pain, Missilen and Raketen. 

Also many of these molds are still in stock within the supply chain, so you will most likely be able to pick them up for some time. However, once they are sold out they will no longer be available as stock items.

Stay tuned!
This is just the beginning of our new restructure plan. Stay tuned for more phases and updates through the fall as we are preparing for the launch of our new product program for the next decade. 

Best regards
David Berglund – CEO